Saturday, June 14, 2014


We wandered down to the beach the evening of our bus adventure, walked up and down the Malecon seeing and being seen. I think since it's Saturday we will go tonight for dinner and see what the party looks like. Here are some pictures of the sunset the other night.

It had been overcast all day, so I wasn't sure how much color we would get, but it was marvelous. Pictures don't do it justice. Last nights was glorious as well, I'll post it after I get it from Mikes camera. 

We emailed a driver recommended by the owners, he emailed back with his rates, and stopped by last evening to talk in person. He was born and raised in Houston, but has been living here off and on for 12 years. He has a lead on a rental here in Crucita for $400, he was going to see if it was still avail and get back to us. We also have a house in San Alejo a little north of us, we will go look at on Thursday, if Richard the driver is avail, we will hire him for the drive and tour of the area, but if he's not we will take the bus and moto-taxi. We like the Crucita location, but San Alejo is only 12 miles away, and it's right in between San Clemente and San Jacinto, so there may be more to explore. We will see it all on Thursday.

Monday we go to Manta, meet with Fernando, who I've been emailing with for some time. The Visa office opens at 8:30am, we will get that paperwork filled out, some items translated and notarized, and all turned in, and then he may have some rentals to show us. Good to have options.

Here is our first attempt at ceviche, we made it from canned tuna caught in Manta, of course we want to find a source of fresh fish, but we know it works with whatever. It's almost more about the lime, onion, tomato and cilantro than the fish. 

The house that had this hibiscus, had a beautiful collection of plants, was shy to snap lots of pics, but I'll try to get more candid ones as we walk by again. Their street is paved all the way to the beach, so it's easier for me to walk on, this hibiscus was probably 12 feet tall. We are looking forward to our next place, and being there a while so we can start some container plants. So many great things to enjoy! Have a good day everybody, I know we will! Life is awesome in Ecuador!

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