Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some random stuff

Looking through my camera roll I found some misc pictures, and thought I'd share.

One of our first Ecuador coast sunsets, taken from the upstairs porch. There are bats that start flying around at dusk, can hardly tell they aren't birds, but the make a strange little sound. 

This is a cheese vendor in Porto Viejo, you can barely see the scale hanging on the blue wall. Someone will walk up, ask for a taste, he cuts a slice, they say yay or nay, if yay then he measures out a hunk, puts it in a plastic bag and off they go. ( he uses the plastic bag as a glove, so never touches your cheese). Asked Wolf about the seasoning, he said it was a spice and peanut mixture that you dip the cheese in.

The beautiful "main road" in Crucita, that goes to Manta to the south, and Porto Viejo to the Northeast. We've been very impressed with the roads, I was expecting much less.

This is TodoHogar, looks to be like Target in the States. It's in the mall where Supermaxi is in Porto Viejo, most likely where we will buy ourselves a coffeemaker, since the percolater at the rental house decided not to perk. This picture is from google, but I'll take some when we are there and share another day.

Puppies on the porch, and yes Veronica is wearing a sundress. Looks like the bed we brought in the suitcase is a tad small for them both, maybe we'll find another at the home goods store. As you may have noticed, Shadrach loves having his picture taken, Veronica not so much. Awww, nap time.

These next ones are our mottos for life. 

Today is a new adventure, stay tuned to see what happens next. Hasta maƱana!

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