Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Waterfalls and wire baskets

After the Tree house we went in search of waterfalls, and we found them! There are so many spilling out of the rocks, we actually drove thru one, it was like a carwash in the middle of the road! We eventually found the place Lucia was looking for and got out for a look.

This one was coming out of the rock with such force! Amazing...

We bought tickets to ride a metal cage type gondola across the river gorge, Im not usually afraid of heights, but I didnt really like it, and then he stopped in the middle for a photo op! No gusta!!

We got out on the other side and walked around a bit. Checking out wildlife, and plants.

It doesnt show in the photo, but this was neon with little purple hairs. What a masterpiece!

Back into the basket, and across the river again, here is a picture of the machinery that made it all happen. Watched a couple people zipline across the river gorge, Wow...I dont think I could do that!

Back to downtown Banos for lunch, and some shopping. What a cool day! Saw this fun painted building, and my creative juices got flowing, I gotta get back to my beach and paint!

And a map of Banos I found online, really a cute little place.

There is much more to see in this area, but we needed to get back so the next morning Lucia went to the hotspring one more time, and after breakfast we headed back to Quito. On the way we stopped in a town known for its cheap jeans, and I got 7, yes 7 pairs of pants or shorts for $30! And the next day I got to return to some warmer weather!! We boarded the early flight to Manta and I was home having coffee and Nexar's bread in my kitchen by 8am. Ahhhhhhh the Ocean!

Mom's visit isnt over yet, she has another week with me at the beach, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!


  1. Your pictures are beautiful. Where is this place and do you live there?

  2. Thank you. This is Banos Ecuador, in the middle of the little country. I live on the coast in Manabi Province. We drove from Quito, three hours south. The entire country is beautiful!