Friday, July 14, 2017

Quito, the Middle of the World

So, the next day we got up had breakfast at our hotel and Lucia picked us up for another fun filled day. We headed to the other equator monument first. Such a nice area, many cute little shops and wonderful smelling resturants, green space for sitting, and things for children to play on. There were these cute hummingbird benches everywhere, and they all were painted differently.

Another beautiful day, as you can see. Glorious blue sky and those clouds!

The cute little shops, and a petting zoo! What fun for the kids...

This monument gave some information on Solstice, and why the sun played such an important roll in, well, everything. Life...

Another fun painted sculpture, this was done with fiberglass. And the "shrine" to one of the virgins, we found out from Lucia, that every town has their own virgin they are devout to. This is why there are so many churches. They are all Catholic, but similar to the different denominations in Christianity.

On the way out Lucia pointed out the big building across the street, it is what they consider to be the South American United Nations building. Diplomats, and such meet here to improve South America.

Next stop downtown and old town Quito. But first...some lunch. So stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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