Saturday, July 15, 2017

Downtown and Old Town Quito

We took Lucia's advice and had Seco de Chivo for lunch, if you were to google translate that, you would find it "dry goat"...great, right? But in actuality it was a stew-ish meal with rice, potato and salad. Lucia said sometimes it is goat, but it could also be lamb. It was tasty, but I am craving seafood...still cold, and really missing the beach.

We ate lunch on the other side of this square, then toured a couple churches. (No photos allowed, but yall have seen the inside of a church). The Presidents house is here on this square as well.

After we walked Old town a bit, we ventured to another neighborhood called La Ronda. It is closed to vehicles, and was a beautiful little area. Takes you back in time...

A little more walking around, and then Our next stop on todays tour, the angel monument up on top of that hill.

This was crazy, La Ronda is known for their enormous empanadas! Wow!

Back in the car, and up to Panecillo. She was quite impressive! And the view from up there!!!

A great place for kites (cometos) and the kids were really enjoying it.

In every direction house upon house, amazing! The government gave people paint to spruce up their houses, which is why there are many the same color. What an awesome day of sightseeing, but we are exhausted! Tomorrow we head to Banos, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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