Saturday, July 22, 2017

Annual Blessing of the Fishermen

After Mom and I returned home from our adventures in the Sierra, we got to enjoy one of the special things we do here on the coast. My favorite, the Saint Pedro and Saint Pablo festival and Boat parade. If you have been following for some time, you will remember Mike and I went on one of the Big boats a couple years ago, this year, Mom and I watched it from my kitchen windows.

I knew from Facebook that this Procession would take place on Sunday, so as we ate breakfast of fresh bread and drank papaya smoothies, we watched the people start to congregate. From my recollection the parade really got underway at noon, and sure enough I started to see the big boats make their way from Crucita. Looked to me like there were more big shrimp boats this year, and last year with the recent earthquake we didnt have a parade at all.

Maykel hanging around, and other people began watching outside the windows. Little boats ferried people to the big boats, and finally the statues were brought down and loaded into a boat. They are blessing every boat, fisherman and praying for bountiful harvest thru out the year.

I dont know this kid, but found the picture on Facebook, the statues were displayed in town the night before and early in the day before going to the boats.

Great picture taken from a drone flying around. Also found on Facebook.

And after it was all done, and the boats had headed to Crucita, the beach was a mess, I saw a couple of my neighborhood boys out on the beach and decided to bribe them to clean up. The twins mom and aunt saw me talking to them, and helped translate, bags of trash for ice cream, that got them moving!

Two big bags collected, and the smiles on their little faces when I handed them each a fifty cent piece, priceless! A good day was had by all, I enjoyed seeing the festivites while staying out of the sun, and off the water for four plus hours, but...maybe next year. So, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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