Tuesday, May 5, 2015

We thought we walked into a war zone...

Low tide is conveniently happening this week in the morning, yesterday we took one last cup of coffee and headed south. After we got past the "ruins" we were shocked at what we saw (sorry that sounds so like the Facebook articles reposted over and over)...

The debris is from the river, we did have a big rain the other night, and it is possible that the river swelled and brought a lot of this out to sea, then the sea kicked it up on shore. Or it could have nothing to do with the rain, and it was just "time" to clean out the river, much of it is coconuts and the greenery are water hyacinths, and maybe they got too crowded, or maybe fish were eating their roots, I don't know. (Sorry, wasn't interested in doing research, just wanted to share, if anyone feels like doing research, let me know what you find out)

I found a huge clump with many blooms on it, so I had a very pretty bouquet for the day, but sadly this morning they are toast.

Thru the debris we trekked, and found so many cool things we couldn't carry them all. Today we will go with bigger bags and rope for a lasso to drag large branches back. 

If you notice in these pictures we are missing our "otra perro" Ariel/Dulce, she was involved in a scuffle (maybe hit by a car) was scared, possibly injured on Saturday morning, and ran off screaming, we haven't seen her since. We are hoping she is being cared for by someone and that's why she can't come checkin with us, she may have been pregnant and having complications due to whatever injury she may have incurred. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I pray she will show up happy to see us one day, but we have decided we need to guard our hearts when it comes to the "street" dogs...this is a wild, untamed place and things will happen that are beyond our control.

View to the north, maybe on a larger computer screen you can see the "ruins" and then our house is situated between the two white houses (which are on two different rocky points).

This may still have some life in least here in Ecuador it does. And this next one...what the heck?

You never know what you'll find on the beach, who knows, today when we go it could all be gone...the ocean does what it wants, and doesn't listen to anyone. I'll gather some pictures of our treasures for next time, and now it's time to get ready for our walk, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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