Thursday, May 7, 2015

I guess it's Thursday

I don't have set schedules anymore, I have things I should do, but nothing is usually sooo important that it can't wait. Today I woke bright and early, made coffee and took it back to bed to read emails and catch up on Pinterest (like most mornings). Around 8am I got the laundry stuff gathered up, several loads and a broken fingernail later and it's all hung on the line.

Even dog toys and dog beds got washed, poor little Shadrach is sad watching his beloved Chicken hanging on the line. 

The fishermen are in full force outside the gate, Fernando Father Fishermen and his three boys are in front working on mending nets, and I can hear Raphael and Alexander (who I used to call Giggles before I asked his name) laughing and having a fun conversation as they work their nets. Ramon and his son are there as well as some new boats parked in front with unfamiliar crews. As they work their nets, they find sea life, and set them aside, when they are done they take the sea life to the waters edge and feed the frigates, this is what that looks like.

And sometimes, this happens

When a frigate drops his breakfast. Shoot! Just when I was getting that Geranium to sprout back to life. The fishermen said to bury the fish and the geranium would do great, I'm sure they are right, but I'll pass.

Gifts from Fernando Father fishermen last week, we tried our very best to cut this flounder, but just made a mess of it, next time they try to give whole fish I'll let him know we can't filet it, and he should keep it. If he insists, we will give it to another neighbor as not to waste it. Now, the shrimp on the other hand! Yes please!  I usually buy shrimp in town from a man I call yellow shoes, (because I can't remember his name and he always wears the same yellow shoes) he charges $5 a pound, but who can snub their nose at free? I figure Fernando Father fishermen saved me $15 last month with his gifts of free shrimp!

Some of these pictures will be repeats, if we are friends on Facebook, but I know many many of you aren't. This is homemade fresh salsa thanks to the wonderful Charapoto market and my husband Mike. It was Muy Rico! (Very yummy)

We've had our smoothies, and now it's about time for me to start thinking about lunch. I've got some projects I may work on this afternoon, but I may read my book and take a nap, who knows. I sure don't miss set schedules, I don't really ever get bored, plenty of stuff to work on, or just loose time staring at the ocean.

I saw a sign that said "wasted time enjoyed, isn't wasted" I think that fits right in with our new slower life here on the Ecuadorean coast. So, as usual, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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