Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A short walk up the road

A couple weeks ago when we were looking for Ariel/Dulce, we wandered up thru the neighboring barrio to the main road into town. We took pictures of the Cemetery, the school and the church. We happened upon the cemetery first, it is probably two short blocks by one large block, and open to the public.

Most of the tombs are kept freshly painted by relatives on holidays. Like Day of the Deceased in October, for weeks in advance family members are sprucing up the loved ones burial plots, and surrounding grounds, so they only have one part time grounds keeper. (He may even work for just the spare change he collects at the gate.) He had a smile on his face, as most of the Ecuadoreans.

Sandwiched between the Cemetery and the school, is the medical clinic, but I didn't get a picture of that strangely. So here's the school.

Charapoto has a number of trade schools, and PortoViejo has several colleges as well. Mechanics, nursing, agriculture, engineering, even tourism and hotel management. There are at least two elementary schools between San Jacinto and San Clemente  also. Down the block is the church, undergoing some renovations.

There's a big church in PortoViejo that has this roof tile. So we were very excited to see it being used again so close to home. So beautiful, Muy Linda! We should walk back by in the next week and check on the progress. I'm sure they would be getting new windows and paint to go with this beautiful tile craftsmanship.

So, as usual, stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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