Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wild and Untamed

What a week...Mike and I have both been sad about Ariel/Dulce, we still haven't seen her and fear the worst. We remember the good times, our many walks together, and how she liked to "love nibble" our feet as she layed in front of us on the cesped (Astro turf). One morning she was inside the front door, laying on the tile floor and the coffee pot was on, she didn't know what that noise was and started growling, she was trying to protect us. Her almost constant presence is certainly missed, there's a hole in our hearts, I still pray she is recouperating  with a loving neighbor. She was a joy to have around, and  we love her a lot.

That being said, it reminds us that Ecuador is wild, an untamed place. Things are done differently here, and we have to adapt. Or at least watch where we're going, check out the visitor our friends down the way had.

This guy was seen in the street between the beach and Ramadas and this row of Coachme houses. Like I said Ecuador is wild. (Coachme is the local "credit union" or Coopertiva)

Frigates! They are sitting here waiting to see what the fishermen throw back. On some of them you can see the red neck pouch, they inflate it to attract a mate. One day on a walk with Ariel a frigate was bugging her, and she went to chase him, he flew up on these rocks to get away, and she scampered up after him, like a billy goat. The frigate was not expecting that, she went up some more rocks, barking at him and he flew away mad. She was such a character, so much personality. Untamed, Ecuador is untamed...

I finally finished my regalo (gift) for Fernando Father Fishermen and his family. Found out his oldest boy's name is Robinson, the boat is named after him. I took the gift to their house, found Fernando and Robinson in the shade doing some work to the nets, and his wife came out to greet me. I tried to tell them that I made it for them, for their generosity and kindness, I'm sure it came across.

Their house is blue, so I used blue and green like the ocean as a theme. The bulk of the windchime is a plastic Sprite bottle, I cut into squares then held them over a candle to soften, curl and melt the edges. Bits of blue plastic bottle and some green stone beads from a necklace I took apart finish it, with the shells added to make a little sound in the breeze. I'm sure they liked it.

We were walking to La Boca to visit friends for Happy hour on Saturday and were invited to a party.  At first I thought he was asking us to join them for Mothers Day, but then he said birthday, 15 anos (years), so it was going to be a big deal! On our way home that night, the music had started and Anderson and His sister Patricia (the birthday girl) tried to get us to come in the courtyard, the music was blaring but no one was there yet, it was still too early (only 8pm or so). We excused ourselves, said maybe later and went home to eat. We heard the music from that party til DAWN!! Since we didn't sleep well, we should have gotten up and went to join them! I probably would have been fine if I'd had earplugs, it wasn't that loud against the sound of the Ocean, but it wasn't constant, so after a lull, when the music would start up again, is when we would be awakened. Oh well, like I said Ecuador is wild! I've been thinking about what I can make for Patricia, something girlie, we really should party with the locals more, but they stay up so darn late! We are more "up with the sun, down with the sun" kinda people usually. 

Some of our "treasures" from walks last week, not sure what they will end up looking like, but it was a score. And one that didn't make it home with us, too big. Would have made a cool table top tho.

The Ocean does what it wants, the street dogs do what they want, the frigates, the iguanas and the locals party til dawn. It's a wild and untamed place, but we've signed up for it, so stay tuned, the Adventure continues!

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