Sunday, May 17, 2015

Finished projects

So what do most of you do when you find you need a napkin holder? You probably look around and find you have one, or two in a cupboard, that is not the case for me. But I didn't have to look too far, with a little imagination, and about an hour for paint to dry, I had a new napkin holder.

It started with a bottle of floor cleaner that I had just emptied, rinsed out and had sitting on the table, waiting to go in the "plastic to be upcycled pile". I liked the rectangle shape, and with knife and scissors, Voila! It started out kinda like this one.

The next project completed this week was the regalo (gift) for Patricia. She's the neighbor girl who turned 15 last weekend, her parents own and operate a small tienda on the corner a half block down. I took it to her yesterday and she loved it, said it was very pretty (Linda) and she was happy (feliz).

Mike put a hanger on the back, so she can hang it on the wall. What 15 year old girl doesn't like personalized flowery artwork? Next and this one may not be finished, I made a Welcome sign for Jenny's tienda.

It may need some outline, or more detail on the palm tree, not sure. Mike liked the palm tree so much he wants one for us. And with the leftover orange paint I mixed, I gave another plastic BBQ bottle a fresh coat. Makes a pretty little bud vase, maybe tomorrow (our anniversary) I'll have some flowers to put in it.

While I'm talking about plastic upcycling, here is a votive holder made out of a yogurt bottle, a little colored twine, and a seashell, turned out very nice.

Oops, this one doesn't have the seashell, I guess I did add that later, I've since added orange colored twine as well, nice candle glow anyway! I have probably five of these scattered around in amongst the plants and driftwood in the yard. As sunset winds down I light them and we sit for another little while listening to podcasts, or audio books and enjoy the sound of the Ocean.

I would certainly be wrong to not include the two (actually there are three) dresses I made for Veronica this week. The one above is a onesie our friends Marty and Jaime brought back from their trip to the States in December, it had been "lost" in the scrap fabric pile. 

This one I remade probably three times, it's made out of a pair of swim trunks we bought for Mike, but after getting them home and trying them on, realized they must be junior. So, Veronica got two dresses, I tried using the lining as the under, but it didn't have any give and so made the whole dress pucker funny. I tried again, but still didn't fit right, then I remembered I had orange Tshirt fabric, and TaDa! Much better, then I made this orange tank top with the flowered skirt, all she needs is a pooka shell necklace and she's all set!

We have Shadrach wearing necklaces now too, he used to be so funny and act like he was being strangled, but I guess he's lightening up and "going with the flow", tranquilo here at the beach. Those pictures will come at a later date, I think I've shared enough crafty stuff for one day. 

So stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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  1. The napkin holder is very cute! Well done on the resourcefulness!!