Saturday, April 25, 2015

Feeling like Fall

The weather has changed! We had an overcast day all day, (maybe Wednesday, they all run together) and then the next day we knew, it was Fall. Summer has come to an end. Kids went back to school on April 20th, and it has been very quiet around here. We have turned off the fans, and Mike actually put pants on! I had to dig out my shawl to wear while we watched sunset the last couple of nights, Veronica requests to be covered up while sitting on a lap, and the breeze, was well...chilly. So Summer was from mid to late Feb thru mid/late April. Good to know, not so bad. We can handle that, now on to some projects.

Picked up some cool pieces of wood on our walks, and finally got out the paint. This was my first one.

A sign for the house. Mike found an old oar on the beach with a broken handle, and I'll make another Casa Pescadores sign for the inside of the house on it, there's a perfect chunk of wall it'll fit beautifully on.

I'd like to replace my tired front door wreath with the Bienvenido sign (that means Welcome) I'm just not sure how the starfish will weather, but I know where we can get more...

My first "non word" sign, now mind you, I am NOT an artist! I can be CRAFTY, but my painting skills are no Bueno. Still may work on this octopus, but I do like the beach found marble I gave him for an eye. I have quite a collection of boards, some I'll do words on, and others I may practice some more sea creatures, of course I'll show you as I go.

Still doing smoothies everyday, Mike has cereal in the morning, but I don't require anything but coffee til about 10:30 am, so I've been doing smoothies, breakfast for me, mid morning snack for Mike, anyway, with smoothies everyday, I have an abundance of yogurt bottles, and I can't just throw them away!

So I covered/wrapped them in colorful twine. Next I'll cut some down and use as tea light holders, maybe paint, who knows, like I said the supply is abundant, and the possibilities are endless.

I've been playing with embroidery thread, learning, or should I say RELEARNING how to make friendship bracelets and lanyards, takes me back to summer camp and junior high. Still trying to learn some more macrame knots.

So' there ya have it. This week in the life of Paige on the coast of Ecuador. Thank you for the positive messages from the last post, I Recieved a couple comments, and a couple private emails regarding the "is it blog worthy", so in response...I say, stay tuned! The adventure continues!! 


  1. Paige,

    I apologize re my last posting as I used an incorrect first name.

    Appreciate your posting of the crafts you are making and viewing the beautiful coastal pictures in Ecuador.

    Here is one idea you may have already considered making.

    Love from Oregon

  2. Paige & Mike,

    Your creativity is enough to start a biz there. Perhaps: P & M Beach Art (spanish) of course.

    Links for ideas below.
    I like the anchor and star images

    Countless ideas + your creativity = $$$

    Love from an Oregon crafter

  3. Thank you for the link, the nightlight is beautiful, and could be very easy to make. Our man in town Joffre may even have the light guts, will have to check. No problem with the name, I knew who you meant, thanks again for the love!