Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mud and Macrame

The last couple of days I've been playing with macrame, that's what this post was going to be about, but while on our walk this morning, we saw some amazing mud, so they'll share a post. I saw some macrame pot slings, plant holders on Pinterest, the pictures looked pretty descriptive, so I gathered twine over the next couple days and decided Tuesday to set to work. My first problem was remembering the length of twine wrong, I cut 8 pieces of 40 ft, what a mess, they were tangled all over the place! Mike remembered as a child, his mom doing macrame, and she had her ends of twine in bundles, that then could be woven, knotted whatever without tangling with the others strands. So, I did that, but I couldnt knot the strands, something was wrong. I checked Pinterest again, and found the error, A TOTAL OF 40 FEET, 8 strands of 5 ft each, that's much easier to maneuver.

My first attempt. Not bad, tried to play with the distance between knots, and found I can change the shape that way, tall and skinny, etc. For my next attempt I brought in another color twine, and added, what else? Shells...

Now I just got to get to Sosote and get some plants!  On Wednesday I decided to try a wall hanging, I collected my twine, a piece of wood, and some shells and sat outside under the umbrella. I hung the wood on the fence to work, the breeze was nice, the fishermen were fixing their nets, and I was happy playing with another project.

The finished product. Quite large, the top wood piece is almost 3 ft across and it probably hangs 4 ft long. Some close up pictures...

I've been wanting to do something with hanging Sandollars, it could use a little tweaking, but not bad for first attempt. 

Now for the mud! Low tide was this morning at 8:30, a wonderful time that still has some marine layer for coolness, and a nice time to take coffee. While heading to the ruins, we noticed a lot of mud, mud we hadn't seen before, LOTS OF MUD. Look back a post and see the pictures of the ruins, in comparison to these we took this morning.

In the recently posted pictures, all this mud is covered with sand, we never knew this mud was under there! It's slick and slippery and sometimes stinky, I wonder if it isn't decomposing plants from when this used to be neighborhood...I can't imagine.

Crazy! It'll be interesting to see when the sand comes back, just another "seasonal" thing we get to experience. Hope you enjoyed the post, Stay tuned, the adventure continues!


  1. Paige,
    Am enjoying your adventures. Like how you combined the after results of the high tide with your macrame/shell crafting.

    I bet some of the fishermen could teach you how to tie knots that you probably are not aware of.

  2. Glad you are enjoying the adventure, it's awesome! I'm sure the fishermen would be happy to teach me, everyday we are communicating more and more with them. Our spanish is improving, that will help tremendously.