Saturday, April 4, 2015

Good Friday

Yesterday was a great day. Most of them are, and we are so glad we moved here. It is "summer" and pretty hot, especially when you are used to being in AC, AC in the house, AC in the car, AC at work, or AC when shopping, it's pretty standard in much of the U.S.

Without having our techo (roof) built yet, we've been doing some hiding in the house, sitting infront of the fans, but we decided we had to do something with our umbrella, and make it a stand. We took one of our stand up fans off its stand and found the umbrella post fits it, it just proved too unstable in the wind. So I went out to the beach to see what I could find, and I found a chunk of cement that had once been poured into a large coffee can, it was heavy, but not too heavy that I couldn't carry it home, and voila, problem solved!

So the last couple days have been spent outside under the umbrella with the beautiful view of the ocean and the breezes that come with it. Thursday evening our fishermen were cleaning up the beach around sunset, they start a pile and then they light a fire, and everything goes in it. They do this every two weeks or so, so I didn't think anything of it...but the next morning they opened their pop up restaurant, yippee! 

We went for lunch there yesterday, had to have my favorite ceviche camaron (shrimp) and we split a breaded fish, super good! We met the brother in law of Fernando, he's a policemen, and felt every bit a part of their family. After lunch we went back to the shade of our umbrella enjoying the afternoon, listening to podcasts and about five o'clock, Fernando came bearing a gift, fresh cheese empanadas and fish conviche (think breaded hush puppy with flaky fish inside). Seemed the perfect time to open a cerveza and start happy hour.

What a perfect end to another perfect day. We shared a couple beers and watched the sunset...

Yes, it was a Good Friday, indeed. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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