Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spinning chickens and a Parade

There has been some sort of festival brewing in San Jacinto this past week, and yesterday we wandered down to see it. We had to go to the bank, and hardware store and were right in the middle of things.

This is the bank in San Jacinto, so far I've figured out the limit on the ATM is $300, so I could feasibly swipe our cards twice and get our rent out of it for only $5 in ATM fees. Faster and cheaper than a bus ride into PortoViejo.

This is the corner across from the bank, and we wandered into the Mini Market shown in this picture, it's awesome, has almost everything we would need from the big city grocery store, so it could save us a trip. The only thing we haven't found in the area is the frozen fruit pulp we use to make smoothies, and someone to make duplicate keys. We bought a "make yourself hose kit" for $9, it's 30 feet, 10 meters of hose (.40 cents/meter) brass hose fittings ($4) and 2 clamps (.50 each).

And THIS is a spinning chicken, we haven't had one yet, but I'm sure it will be good, and so many things to do with the leftovers. We've hardly eaten any pollo since we got to the beach, seafood 7 days a week, sometimes twice a day.

Here is the parade, you can see in these last ones they are lined up waiting to go, they all drive under the shade structure and out the other side...and that's about it. Shortest parade I've ever seen. But they did have trick ponies, and they were fun to watch, but didn't read on camera.

He had cervezas in his holsters, but when his horse would dance they got all foamy. He didn't seem to mind. 

Somebody must have a brother in the plastic chair business...look at all those, after the parade is done, they'll set these up under the shade for people to congregate til the evening, then they'll move them again and there will be dancing. And how can you dance with out music? Never fear the Ecuadoreans have speakers!!! Lots and lots of speakers! We are about half mile from this main square, so we hear the music very faintly, no rattling of windows like in the Crucita house.

There were other carnival rides too, behind this bounce house in a vacant lot. A beauty pageant was held on Thursday and Miss San Jacinto was crowned. A believe a good time was had by all. This is the "high season" school is out for the Quito kids and lots of families here on vacation. Here's a picture of San Jacinto beach.

And this next one is a picture our landlord Dave took of San Clemente beach yesterday, they were having a kite thing, but still much busier than our little stretch of sand.

See how quiet, even on a busy Saturday our beach is? One reason our beach stays quiet is because the high tide covers all the sand, and the beach disappears, but it keeps the sand hard, and easy to walk on, and also keeps it clean.

We went ahead and got some dirt, and told the guys that come next month we will have more cash and they can bring us some plants, we'd like to start with 2 banana trees, some bouganvilla, and sod. The guys Tarzan and Ronald were so nice they brought us some plants for free, they knew we were excited and had to do this poco , poco ( little bit). Needless to say they will be our gardners for awhile!

Sod for this whole area, with tall and medium height things around the edges.

And this area out front we just let them do their thing, and we are very pleased. People put their garbage here on this corner, and sometimes the dogs get into it, then the wind blows, a mess. So we figure if it's cleaned up, and we build a trash platform around the corner, that'll help keep it nice. There's several native ground covers growing up and down the Malecon, I'll pluck some out and transplant it in this new bed. At least I know it can handle the salt, since it's already thriving here.

Just a little more of our lives here on the Ecuador coast. We had a terrific opportunity to go to the cloud forest, but papers we were to sign in Manta won't be ready til Monday, so we decided to bow out of the trip and take care of business. Hopefully, hopefully it'll be done any day, then we can really start to get settled. I want to start making the pups food, but will wait til the crockpot. Different places to sit, a table and chairs to eat at...Awww the little things. I'm not complaining, it's great, it just could (and will) be so much better! Stay tuned! Hasta maƱana,


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