Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ecuador LIFE

I'm lounging in the hammock writing this, I try to come up with catchy titles, and today I'm going to walk you thru a day in Ecuador. Today I made huevos y papas for desayuno. (Eggs and potatoes) but some days we put our new blender to use, as we did the day this picture was taken. We bought the biggest papaya we've ever seen and made smoothies.

This papaya was double what is shown, bigger than a football by far. It was $2, we cut it all up, and put some in the freezer for another day. We've got two pineapples in the fridge that we need to break down and portion out for freezer and fridge too.

After breakfast Mike will finish up whatever job he's working on, and I'll do some chores. The other day I did laundry...I'm thinking I'll find someone to hire for $2.50 a week, it was hard! Haha what a spoiled brat! We bought a big tub when we first got here, and I'd seen the local ladies put their tub on an over turned trashcan, so it's at the right height, but I don't have a trashcan that tall, so I put the empty boxes that the coffee pot and blender came in on top of the well cover, it wasn't perfect, but it wasn't too taxing on my back. It was quite a workout on my arms though! I neglected to wipe off the clothesline, so the very first items I tried to hang up got all dirty! Ugh! Back to the tub, and wipe off the clothesline (Now I know) all in all, it was successful. Today I swept and mopped all the floors and patio, and let me tell you with the amount of sand we get in here, that was not as easy a task as it may sound. The sand isn't exactly dry, nor is the tile it was, well it is what it is. This is what we get for living ON the beach.

But now I'm laying in the hammock, waiting for the tide to go out so we can take the pups to the beach. These are some pictures of things we saw on our last walk.

The turtle, was unfortunately dead. And this guy, wow look at those little teeth, he might be some kind of barracuda. I had a fresh water barracuda once in an aquarium and he looked like this, his name was Oboe. 

Yesterday after breakfast we went to Manta, had to find a notary, and there were some papers at the bank that needed signed. We met up with Fernando, he took us to a notary, about an hour later and several flights of stairs, we were done for $11.40. There had been a scare of needing an attorney to the tune of a couple hundred dollars, but a quick phone call to Catalina, and that was resolved. We went to the bank, and guess what! The papers weren't there! Either Catalina didn't know or something got screwed up, but the lady at the bank said they only get paperwork from Cuenca on the lady took Fernando's name and number and will call him when the papers arrive, and we'll make the trek back into Manta.

We did some shopping while we were in "the big city". Had to get a regulator to plug the fridge into, protection from the power surges, and would keep the fridge on if the power were to go out then come back on. Also needed an Ethernet cable for the Magic jack phone, both items purchased, so we got at least most of the things on our list done. We probably could have found those items here at our new "go to" place...I wouldn't be surprised, here's a picture of his store.

And the famous sign. My mom said that she and Alan are calling their local hardware store Casa de Todo, but im thinking they will see from the picture...there's only one. But it's good to have one store with "almost everything" in your barrio.

After shopping, whether it be in a big city, or small town, we need a nap. We might really doze, or just rest, catch up on emails and Facebook. Then in a bit it's time to watch the sunset, and we try to unplug and be still. Watch the amazing show that God puts on for us. 

Light dinner, and inside to watch some tv. Sometimes bed is as early as 8:30! (of course Mike wakes up at 4am most days) I watch Netflix on the IPad, and we get up and do it all over. It's a good life.

Today we have Jackie coming over with one of her workers to talk about getting some dirt delivered. We really want to start getting this courtyard in shape, and we've got plants Mike started in Crucita, that need to start spreading out. 

It's bitter sweet right now, so much free time, but can't spend any money because we need every penny for this container! We did get great news in the form of a loan from my mom, so we do have the money we need to get the container sorted out. Now we are just waiting to hear that the "inspection has been closed" and line up a truck, and pay the port and storage fees. Knowing how Ecuador works, we are thinking it'll still be 2weeks before we see the container infront of the house. And as always, we will keep you posted. Thanks for all your good thoughts, crossed fingers and donations. There is still a need for donations, if anybody feels the urge. A little goes a long way, and is much appreciated. I've never had a move that put me so far in debt, but I've never moved from one continent to another, I've learned that when you try big things, big things happen...just not always as you planned. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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