Sunday, August 24, 2014

Charapoto shopping trip

On Friday we decided to take the bus into Charapoto, check out their fabric stores, (I'm sooo sorry I didn't get any pics Joan and ladies!) and see if they had a bakery. Rocafuerte has a very nice bakery, but they don't package well, and after a bus ride we end up with squished cake. But, I was talking about Charapoto...bus comes down the Malecon towards San Jacinto a couple blocks from our house, but we were talking and watching the ocean instead of watching for the bus and it passed us! We wandered into San Jacinto to see if maybe one of the restaurants spoke to us, but nothing did, and I just knew as soon as we ordered another bus would have gone by, and it was getting late.

But as we waited, we noticed that this encebollados cart had three flat tires, and Mike commented "that's Ecuador for ya". And I thought, " that's right! F*@# it! We're not giving up!" And just then another bus came, but we got one more picture.

Bus (or motorcycle) is the most popular mode of transportation, and the items this guy sells are bulky and cumbersome: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and I'm not sure what else, but I'll watch for him!

We got moving, and into Charapoto right about siesta! Wouldn't you know it! I remembered a little restaurant we saw last time, Mike had said it looked interesting, so we ordered al muerzo. And when I say restaurant, it's a shade structure, dirt floor and plastic tables and chairs, this one did have tablecloths. Soup was good, entree was tuna "casserole" made with yucca, very much like potatoes, so I guess more apt would be tuna potato salad. Tasty, and really great naranja jugo. (Orange juice) $3 and filled some time, and if we do find a bakery, it'll be better that we aren't starving. Wandered the four blocks or so up/down and then the two blocks in either direction off the Main Street. (It has two stop light)

The sign out front said entero pollo $1.48 lb, I haven't looked it up, but it either says entrails, or entire...your guess is as good as mine. They looked especially silly as we walked up on them... We found a little panedaria (bread bakery) but what we really wanted was a cake store! But alas, it was not to be. Next time we go thru Rocafuerte I'll take my own Tupperware, and maybe our goodies will have a chance.

By now, the stores were rolling up their gates and opening back up for business. Found the fabric store, she didn't have a great color selection in what I was looking for, but she kept looking and found some teal, I'd gotten this Tshirt fabric in Bahia for $4 /meter but here it was $6, I went ahead and got some anyway, and chalked it up to they evened out to $5/ meter and it had made a BIG difference in our comfort level. We want to go to Bahia again when we have more money, there was a nice nursery, and the Tia grocery store. But then when we get our container, I won't need anymore Tshirt fabric, because I'll have REAL SHEETS! Real chairs! Our bed! Dog beds, Rugs, casserole dishes, cookie sheets, crock pot, microwave! More than one skillet, end tables, dinner table, coffee table! Make up table!!! (Not that I'm wearing much make up these days) shampoo ( big bottles from beauty supply), hair color, slippers, lamps! Ohhhh my lamps! Mirrors, this house has NOT ONE. Pictures, knick knacks, Veronica's dog dresses (I only packed 14), walking shoes, sun screen (I've got like 6 3pks from Target), reading glasses and sunglasses (we stocked up at the $1 store.) You know, a HOUSEFUL...

But, back on track, we left Charapoto and made it in time for a walk before high tide. We didn't take the pups, but soon. They really love it! Some items to add to our "what we find on beach walks" file:

Another wonderful day in Ecuador! Seriously the only thing that needs to change is for us to get our container, and some creature comforts and this is paradise! One of my former clients comments often, (I for the life of me, can't figure out how to reply to comments, but I do usually email) anyway, Joan asked if I would suggest a visit, and I absolutely would! I knew from reading other blogs that we would enjoy the weather, the food, and be ok with the slower pace of life. What I didn't know was how available ALL MODERN CONVIENCES ARE. They don't have WalMart, but close. Shop around, word of mouth from friends, that's what we do in the States too, right? People said stuff was expensive...$12k expensive? TONS of headache expensive? I wish I knew, but yes visit first, because it's not for everybody. The buses,or lack of, the random government office closings, the parades, late night festivals, roosters, barking dogs, language barrier...I was talking to Chase bank, trying to get a pin # for my cards cash advance and they said "just go into the bank with ID" but with the limited spanish, that's not an easy task. Even when I do type out a paragraph for the pocket translator, then the clerk has a question...which I can't understand, let alone answer. 

But we have faith, gumption, and a good attitude, thanks to everyone reading for your well wishes, prayers, crossed fingers and of course donations.( goFundme button at top right) We had some trickle in lately and it warms my heart! Thanks for reaching out, my faith keeps growing thru this trial! I remind myself that this is the BIGGEST move we've ever attempted, of course there will be bumps, but in the end it will all be sweet! Thanks again everyone, keep dreaming, and stay tuned. The adventure continues...

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