Friday, August 8, 2014

More Random stuff

First an update about yesterday, Bahia is nice, but too big. The fabric store was adequate, got almost 10 meters of nice Tshirt material, and the bed was heavenly last night. More than enough and only $30, much cheaper than a set of decent sheets, and when our container arrives, maybe I'll use the Tshirt fabric to make some clothes. It drapes really nice, I can probably make halter type dresses. The Tia grocery store was great too, bought a couple more plates, because they were 2/99 cents and I'd dropped one at home and it was chipped. A small plastic multi tiered table for 6.99, so we have some more flat surfaces...and a fun outing with Jackie.

Found some older pictures of a park in PortoViejo I hadn't posted, this was the day we went looking for the notary. Fun statue, and the other is a drinking fountain, that had a communal cup! (Sorry I didn't capture that)

Some pictures from the rooftop deck, of the neighborhood. We've been able to see the sunrise three mornings this week! Just wish we had seating up there, but that'll come.

Looking North, these are on the Malecon,

Behind us, looking East and then SE the big multi level white one

Fun pictures from our walks on the beach. Interesting wildlife, not sure what the fishes story was...

This was in San Jacinto, they don't do tents, but use umbrellas and chairs. Farther down in San Clemente they put up tents, but they're different from the Crucita tents, I'll have to remember to get a picture.

Street light with "tree attachment" who needs an expensive pole, when you've got coconut palms?
Stopped at a new restaurant, shared a ceviche, enjoyed the breeze, wonderfully sweet young woman, and great ambiance. Tiberon (shark) Restaurant in San Clemente

Container Update!!
Just heard from Catalina, we ARE on the inspection schedule for Monday 9am...good and bad, since it's a 4+ hr bus ride we will have to go on Sunday and spend the night. I've posted on Facebook for a hotel recommendation...(maybe a ride offer) Theres strange rules too, only I can go to the inspection, have to wear jeans and shirt with sleeves, and rent steel toed shoes at the port ($3), I'll also need $200 for inspector, $5 each for the two workers who get to paw through my belongings, and hopefully it'll soon be on it's way to San Clemente. Trying to find out exact trucking costs, and the storage fees it's accumulated since it's arrival on June 25th, I'll need that in cash too...keep all your fingers crossed!! This just may be it!! Stay tuned, the adventure most certainly continues!

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  1. Seems like forever on the container. Are you able to bank thru your bank here. Heard you say cash. So you just write a check there to get cash? Has it turned out to be more expensive than you thought with the container, etc. Sounds like an ordeal but maybe it will be over soon. Having your things will be nice.