Friday, August 1, 2014

Gas and water delivery

After our siesta, we called Dave to meet up with him to pay the rent, and find out about gas and water. He said he had asked his gas/water guy if he wouldn't come by this morning to get us started, he was to be here at 9am. So we puttered around in the am while we were waiting, I got our make shift closet situated, and Mike worked upstairs on the seating/hammock area.

This room has an adjoining bathroom, with "hot" water, one of those where the electricity heats the water at the shower head, haven't tried it yet, but I'm sure it will be exciting. So this is the room I've made into our "dressing area". I've got our hats cloths pinned to the curtain "rod" and even a dirty clothes hamper ( open empty suitcase), works out pretty well.

Also while we were waiting for the gas/water guy, we stopped the banana man, got this and the pina for $4

And from another vegetable man, this was $2.50, we gave him .50 cents extra, and asked if he wouldn't come twice a week...

That's a bag of peppers, he told me they weren't hot, but I'll have to see. 4 tomatoes, bag of 5 limes, 4 oranges, 3 avocados ( the silky kind for smoothies) and 2 onions, all that $2.50?!? And basically delivered to our front gate?!? Yes please!! We also saw a fish guy, but since we still didn't gave any gas we opted not to stop him today, maybe maƱana.

We continued to putter and wait, but by noon we were ready for lunch. After lunch we'd try to find a tuk tuk and see if we couldn't get water at least. We walked down the beach and saw several restaurants beach front that we considered, but then we saw one I'd heard rave reviews for.

Now we know why it's a favorite, great ambiance and HUGE portions. They know the gringos like papa frites (French fries), so that came with it. We get apanado (breaded) and frito (fried) pescado (fish) and share. Usually they are both pan fried, one just with a little more breading. It also came with rice and salad, next time we'll get one order, I had learned a new word last night and got to use it, para llevar (to go), so we have a good bit of both kinds of fish and about 1 cup of rice in a doggie bag. 

On our walk home we saw a hardware store, bought 7 meters of rope for $1.40 ( 1 meter is about a yard) found a tienda where I bought 2 bell peppers for .25cents ( not each! For Both!) they also have eggs 7/$1 and bags of milk. Found plenty of stores that had 5 gal waters, but no tuk tuk to drive us home...ugh ( it was siesta ) will try again this evening.

So that's been our second day at the beach house. As we puttered this morning we made a list for Dave, we'd like to borrow a shovel and rake, (maybe he'd get one for the house) so we could start doing some landscaping. There's a bag of gravel here, we'll spread out, and we'd like to plant some grass for the pups and for softness getting out of the outdoor shower. Since we can't really decorate, we might as well get the yard in order, we love playing in dirt anyway. Mike started some cuttings at the Crucita house, so we already have some things to plant. 

We planned on going to the big Sunday mercado in Charapoto, but who needs to if you've got vendors at your gate? Life is good, fresh and cheap in Ecuador! Stay tuned !!

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