Saturday, August 30, 2014

Cabinets, cake and the Coast Guard

Some time ago, Our landlord Dave, acquired some kitchen cabinets for the house. The previous owner had taken the existing ones with them, it hadn't really mattered, since we didn't have but 2 of anything, but now here they are! We've got them in the "Pantry", his wood guy will be around one of these days to retrofit and install them. And when we get the container, I'll have drawers and cupboards, that'll be great! He also talked again about paint next month, a fresh coat of paint makes a ton of difference.

The other day we had to go to Manta, we are pros at this by now! We get on the bus in San Jacinto, $1 for both of us to RocaFuerte, then we get off in front of the panedaria and cross the street to catch the bus to Manta. 

Manta is 90cents each, about 45 minutes and you're dropped off at the bus terminal. From there we know we can walk to the bank, the waterfront is right there, and we follow it around the marina. We saw some interesting things on that mile walk. A bar called Nashville south, had this outside. Not sure if this place is in business, it's never open when we go by, but we've never been in Manta after dark.

The city planners are very fond of traffic circles, all the big cities and little towns have them, most are decorated with statues of what the city is known for...this says capital del atuna.

Both San Clemente and San Jacinto have them also with fish, someday I'll take pictures and post. Usually traveling too fast on the bus to get good shots, but I'll try.

On the way back, we have to purchase tickets inside at the counter, I tell the girl "Dos por RocaFuerte"
Give her $2, she gives my .20cents and two tickets. The bus usually has about 10-20 minutes before leaving, we buy a water for a  $1 and sit in the bus, (to make sure we get seats), but it is hot. The breeze feels so good when you get moving, right on the ocean, but then the canneries get ya! Phew! There's about 3 miles of stink, but to me it smells of money. Local and global commerce, tuna is BIG business here in Ecuador. Anyway, after the stink it's just miles and miles of Ceibo trees, there's a naval base, Cruz verde where we used to buy fruit from Jaime and his family. And back into RocaFuerte, where we buy our cake! I did not being my own tupperwares, which I said I was ( don't really have any) but I brought a different bag, that had a flat bottom, and kept things from toppling over. We bought a couple tres leche, which were in their own styrofoam, and some donuts! Fluffy not cakey, and not near as sweet as US donuts, it was a nice treat. We are finding everything is best fresh, some things are just too disappointing the next day. Queso filled bread is best at the panedaria, can't figure out best way to reheat them. rolls are ok in plastic on the counter for two days, but we have cats that prowl our kitchen at night, so I have to put them in the "pantry". They tore open gallon zip locks, and just bite a little out of each roll...bastards.

And where we catch the bus into San Clemente. This sign says bread store and sweet shop of Rocafuerte, 45 yrs experience. Dulceria is sweet shop, of course nothing is very sweet, and we've decided nothing we need. Dry cookies, meringues and coconut caramel clustery things. No thanks, Can't wait to start baking my own sweets. Mike is missing cinnamon rolls! At least Crucita had casserole dishes, I got nothing, don't even know if the oven works..someday. And cabinets! Yippee

Now, for the Coast Guard. Some of our fishermen go out at night, and we see their lights from shore. They are spread out across the dark horizon, in what looks like a border, they make us feel safe and we started affectionately calling  them "the coast guard". These aren't my pictures, but you get the idea. (Our lights aren't green either)

Just had lunch at home, pb and j, and fresh pineapple. Will go into San Clemente tonight for $2.75 shawarma! We've decided to get three. One and a half each, we tried reheating one the next day and it just wasn't the same. So we'll have our fill and it'll tide us over til next week. Don't want to get burned out. Of course there's talk of a Cuban place called Captain Jack Sparrows we haven't seen it open yet, but some expats went last night and reported they will be open Thursday thru Sunday. They said pricey, but three people for $16, doesn't sound too bad. Maybe next week we'll try it.

Had a promising email last night asking to 'confirm authorization of container delivery', that sounds good! Right?! Of course now it's the weekend, scoundrels! But better believe I'll be getting ahold of someone Monday morning! Fingers crossed everybody! Stay tuned! The adventure continues! 

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