Thursday, September 18, 2014

Won't you be my neighbor

In my early childhood years there was a television show called Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, it really has nothing to do with anything, except this post is about our neighborhood, and it made me think of him.

We've started walking thru the neighborhoods behind our house and the Malecon. Seeing the different architecture styles, looking at landscapes, and just getting acquainted with all the area has to offer. It's hard to tell if we like living here, if the house was fully furnished, we would have a better idea of how it functioned as a real house. We are also learning about living across the street from the ocean, salt, sand, dampness, sound, we are figuring out if we would want this full time, or if we would prefer to live a few houses back. Here's some of what we've seen.

These two houses are the smallest, probably 600-700 square feet. The top one looks to be having a large shade structure being built, that'll add to the living space for sure, our weather here on this part of the coast is 62-85 degrees F all year. (12-35 C) Being so small, these are probably locals, who live here full time.

Love the iron work on this outdoor space, this one may be a long term rental. Short term rentals don't usually have bars, since they don't have much inside except when occupied. 

These bigger ones are probably vacation houses for people working and living in Quito, the capital. They have caretakers that look after them, maybe a neighbor who gets paid $20-40 a month. Some get used more than others, many are only occupied for a week or two a couple times a year.

This house is at least 4 blocks from the ocean, and a mile to town, not sure how many bedrooms, but if I remember correctly asking price was $310k, reduced to $280k. New construction is still going on, there are a couple of these buildings between San Clemente and San Jacinto, 6 condo units to a building, one recently sold in San Clemente for around $80k, I believe 2 bed, 2 bath.

More examples of newer construction, vacation houses. Some have volleyball courts, some have pools. The red one is only one house behind the ocean, but the others are two blocks or more, so they would be considerably cheaper land prices.

There are a couple of these little compounds around town, cute little places, with funky architecture and paint scheme, they are 2 bed, 2 bath and selling in the $60k range. Shared outdoor space only, so you better like your neighbors. The one with the bamboo had a sign for a pizza restaurant, if we can find it again, maybe we'll try it.

Being on a corner is optimum for the breeze factor, even though these were two blocks or more from the Malecon, it seemed nice and cool. One last picture, the local primary school. (With bonus street dog)

Hope you liked our little walk thru the neighborhood, maybe if you come visit, we can do it for real. The weather's great, come anytime, because you know...the adventure continues!

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