Thursday, September 25, 2014

This week in Ecuador

This week, has been like many others, ups and downs- now this is normal in every country in the world. Not unique to Ecuador, life has ups and downs. Monday we walked down to Hotel San Jacinto for Al muerzo, but they were closed, so we tried another cute little place we'd been meaning to try, Thamara's.

Had a nice lunch, and even ordered a dish to take home (para javar) for dinner. It's off the Malecon about a block down a side street, but still had a nice breeze. We will eat there again for sure. After lunch we walked thru the neighborhood on the way home, and had a nap. By dinner, we still weren't really hungry, so the shrimp rice (camaron arroz) will wait for another day, that's a way to stretch your budget.

Tuesday I went into PortoViejo with our neighbor Lyndell, we left the husbands home, so it was girls loose in the "big city". We started at the mall, (typical ladies, right? Wrong) that's where the Hyper Market is, this store is what we in the States refer to as one stop shop, everything from clothing, cosmetics, shoes, to groceries and kitchen sinks. I bought two gallons of paint (already mixed) not sure if they do custom tinting, they don't have paint chips or a machine. Also bought a spray nozzle for the hose, a small shovel, some planters and bathroom/shower storage. 

It's a regular mall, two stories, escalators, cosmetic stores, nail salons, cell phones, clothing, pet store, food court, pretty typical. From there we went to another hardware store Kywi, nothing for me there, but I should have bought the stand up fan at Hyper Market because it was $15, and Kywi's were $25, shucks. We left the car in the underground parking, where it and our purchases were safe and took a $1 taxi into downtown to find the fabric store.

So many fabrics! So many of them horrible material...lots of 60's polyester, not anything I want to sit on or make clothes out of here at the beach. Lyndell was looking for fleece to make dog beds, and the warmest and softest they had was velour...not quite what she was looking for. I was wanting sheer curtain fabric, and all they had were shiny, may have been ok, but not what I wanted. We decided to check the store in Charapoto on our way home.

Here's another fabric store we went to, really heavy upholstery stuff and vinyls, not what we needed today.

Back to the car, and a little groceries. Charapoto fabric store had what I was looking for, non shiny sheers for the windows and decorative cotton blend for drape panels, or throw pillows (or both). Phone was dead by then, so no picture (sorry Joan). It was a good day, us girls had a blast, and I got some things to make the house more of a home, but I was glad to get back to Mike and the pups. Camaron arroz for dinner? Yes please.

Wednesday we painted, we turned the music on in the master bedroom and got busy. We have toyed with the idea of renting a furnished place, but figured this place needed painting anyway, so we may as well make it pretty until we decide what to do. Dave knows it needs painting too, so maybe he'd absorb the cost. Getting our container is feeling VERY OUT OF OUR REACH, and we rented this unfurnished house expecting to have our stuff to furnish it, well, if that's not going to happen, maybe we should find something furnished instead of having to purchase everything new. I mean, even our bed is borrowed, someday he may want it back, then we have to purchase one. Then if we don't stay, we have to sell it or store it...finding a furnished place may be best. So torn, we like the location, and the garden space we've been working on and the painting did turn out very nice, it's becoming more of a home. 

Today is Thursday, I've tried to work on container stuff this morning, have gotten nowhere, and needed to move on to something positive. Today we will try Hotel San Jacinto again for lunch, then maybe I'll do some sewing. So far no plans for Friday, but we haven't been to the beach all week, so we really should take the pups. I'd also like to do some yard work at Daves place, and bring home some cuttings and plant babies. Best to get all the free stuff we can before we take a trip to the nursery, most of our freebies are doing great. And I noticed some volunteers...that's strange

Tomatoes?! As volunteers? Ok, what's next? You better stay tuned...the adventure continues.

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