Saturday, September 6, 2014

San Clemente Surf Contest

The tide was high, so we couldn't walk to the point on the beach, which then makes for a long hot walk, but as we got into and then through town it was fun to see the festival bustling about. It was getting to be noon, and there were busy bees all over getting things ready for the parade that was to start at 2:30, more on that another day. We got about almost a mile when our shawarma king, and friend Pablo picked us up. He had decided last minute to compete, who couldn't use $1200 prize money? 

It was small, maybe 100 people or so. Couple vendors selling beer, and one food truck. Coacmes is the bank in San Jacinto, several branches in the area, they must be sponsors.

This picture and a few others are from another expat, and neighbor Keith. Four surfers go out at a time, wearing colored shirts. The four colored tables are judges, they each are watching one surfer with the coordinating color shirt on. I'm guessing they then turn in their scores and vote on a winner for that heat, then Saturday all the winners compete? Not sure how it works, doesn't matter, they seemed to be giving a good time.

The purple house in the background is our friend Jackies house. The above are Keith's pictures.

The sun finally broke free, and these are my pictures taken after the marine layer burned off. The contest was wrapping up today, and hopefully it was successful enough to have more. I think the bodyboarders had a better time than the surfers, the waves were better for their sport. But nobody seemed to mind, they were in the sea and sand and breathing the wild air.

After the surf contest wrapped up, we headed into town for lunch, finally were able to try the Cuban Restaurant, it was worth the wait. We had an entree and a Cuban sandwich, could have eaten four of them! (Maybe it was all that surfing made us hungry) 

The entree was pulled pork, with amazing flavors, lots of cumin, which the Ecuadoreans don't use, so it was a nice change. The rice and black beans outstanding, realized I really missed that flavor profile. The sandwich was good, crunchy, mustardy, not enough meat, but yummy. And dessert!! The highly sought after donut (angels singing)

Very fluffy dough, not very greasy/oily. Split in half, with a layer of dulce (sweet cream caramel) sandwiched inside, then the yummy chocolate on top. Not fudgy, just a taste of chocolate. Worth the wait! (It's a good thing we walk everywhere, now that we know these exist fri-sun) The sign above this restaurant used to say Captain Jack Sparrow, but the sign is gone, so maybe they're coming up with something else. The entree was medium priced for here, $6.80, but the sandwich was $3.50 and the donuts only $1 each, so...I guess it evens out. 

A couple more pictures of Bahia that I thought I'd share.

This is an office building, nice place if you HAVE to go to an office.

Waterfront to the left behind Mike, and then town to the right of me. A parque with slides and such was infront of us. Some very pretty landscaping and things, too bad they don't hire a litter person. Will post parade, and evening festival highlights after it's over on Sunday, so stay tuned! The adventure festival at a time. (Oh, and we didn't hear a peep last night, no rattling windows in this house)

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