Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting back to normal

The streets Sunday as we went into San Clemente for lunch were still a mess, and there were still plenty of people on the scene. But as the day wore on, more city dwellers woke up and took off for home.

This was Saturday, and below was Sunday. Same corner (not exactly the same vantage point)

Saturday in the Main Street, and Sunday as they started tearing down the carnival area.

We haven't been to town since Sunday, but our normal trash pickup didn't happen yesterday, and I wonder if they were too busy in San Clemente. We are planning a walk down to the point this morning and will see what the town looks like on our way back.

We bought a sectional sofa and coffee table from an expat neighbor on Sunday. They listed it on the Facebook page, and since we needed one whether we get the container or not, we decided to buy it. They helped us bring it home a piece at a time in their SUV, and it's been so nice. Since it's white, it needed covered, but that just means we can make it any color we want. We've concentrated our inside living into one room, so it's kinda like a studio apartment. It seems a little more like home.

We've become friends with the old owners, Ken and Lyndell, they invited us to go to PortoViejo on Monday with them and run some errands, and it was a nice way to visit. They have a wonderful garden space, and we've already traded some plants, she sent over some aloe with the last piece of sectional sofa, and then I took over some plumaria starts when I went over there yesterday morning and paid them for their kindness with haircuts. Then she sent me home with mother in laws tongue and some other plants.  They go to PortoViejo about every other week and said they'll always let us know, in case we need something, that'll be nice. They've been here two years, and live about two and a half blocks down towards San Jacinto. 

So it's beginning to feel a little more like a home, and we are trying to get settled. I've come up with an idea to trade haircuts for household items or plants. Ken and Lyndell were going to get cuts in PortoViejo the other day, they usually pay $3 each so I'm not going to get rich charging the going rate, but I could get some useful's an idea. 

Well, tide is going out, and we need to get some air. Mike will make smoothies, and I'll pack the backpack. Towel, check. Sunscreen, check. Hats and glasses, check. Water, check. Beautiful day on the coast of Ecuador, check! Stay tuned, the adventure continues! 

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