Thursday, September 11, 2014

What in the world?

Our time in Ecuador has been one learning experience after another, we find ourselves saying "what in the world?!" often, sometimes multiple times in a day. The way things are done, the way things look, feel, taste, so much is new and different to us, this post is a sampling. Guess what this is...

It's sand on the beach, it looked like butterfly wings, it was amazing! We walked 7 miles yesterday, up to the point, and past it, then back. This sand "art" was only in one place, why? Because God wanted to show off? Your guess is as good as mine.

This next one, I saw while walking around the festival, I've seen many, but this one is different and I don't know why. If you know, feel free to comment.

I don't know why the bottoms of the shirts are tied together. Seems like that would stretch them, any ideas? (Reminds me, I gotta try doing laundry again today, I'm not good at it. Everything smells good, but hardly looks clean, if it weren't for the upper arm workout, it'd be a waste of time, haha)

This one I love! Originally the picture had a car bumper in the shot, I loved the juxtaposition of old world and new world, but you couldn't see this guy very well, so I opted to crop it. But this was IN town, I walked by him at first, then told Mike I had to go back for the picture.

Next are a couple examples of the vendor carts. First is Angel our fruit/veg guy. His is an old bicycle that has been retrofitted, I've never seen him ride it, I think it's push only. He has a small scale hanging from the canopy, and has bins/boxes separating each type of fruit/veg.

We first saw this type of vendor in Manta, she has a pot of boiling water, and cooks these quail eggs to order. I've seen them hard boiled, and soft boiled. Hard boiled they were peeled and being eaten out of a plastic bag with a toothpick, soft boiled they were being eaten out of the shell, crazy! 

Didn't notice when I picked these up at the store, but Mike noticed once we got them home. We are in the land of lots of frying, and these apparently make that healthier, I'm all for that! Funny too, that there should be papa frites on the package, instead of say an empanada. 

Last one, what in the world is he looking at? There are workers on the house under construction, and dogs that live in the Hostel next door, or it could have been someone walking down the side street. Our little "curious George", always wants to be part of everything. As do we, that's why we came to Ecuador, to be participants in life, not just spectators. So, on that note, I better go participate in the laundry, and of course...The adventure continues!

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