Friday, April 28, 2017

More painting projects

So last time I started to show you the new furniture. But I only showed you the first chair, then there was a Small table...oh yeah, it had one green leg...

And a desk...of sorts

Another pair of end tables that I am decoupage-ing paper napkins on the top (stay tuned)

Misc in progress...

And another project for Pepito's (of Blue Tent restaurant) granddaughter Fergie, the trick is it was outside since the earthquake, and has been badly warped. The drawers dont fit, I bought a plane from Joffre today, and will work on it tomorrow. May need to make another dresser for these drawers...

I'm getting paid in dinner for this. Want to have it done for when they get to move into their new house.

Speaking of new houses, I painted in Eduardo's new house today. Got to see exactly what one got with a free house to replace the earthquake damaged one.

Windows, roof, doors, sink, small tiled counter, tile shower stall, toilet and cement floor? No electric, no water. They (Ecuador) would not build you a house unless you had a cistern, but they didn't make you have a pump or plumbed to the house. So yes, many people do not have running water...or power in their "new" homes. A basic water pump is $145 and plumbing is cheap, maybe $50 same with electric, for as little as $50 one could have at least ceiling lights and fridge, whole house wired for not much more. There just is no extra. (Sorry, soapbox put away) back to Eduardo's house, oh yeah I expected skim coat walls, not the rough cinder block...oh well, it'll brighten his days.

I will go back in the next week and do a bit more. Add words around the fruit in the kitchen, and something in the bathroom.

Saw this on Facebook, how awesome! A wedding in the space I've painted, looks great in pictures, dont you think? I am supposed to return to do another panel one of these days. AND have two sign projects to get started on, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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