Wednesday, April 12, 2017

When it rains...

We have been watching our inland area flood by the fattening river for months now, also watching horrible flooding in Columbia and Peru. We have to remind ourselves, that in the States people live in flood plains all the time, keep returning to their damaged homes year after year after the flood waters recede. It is no different here. People have land, and they live there, natural disasters come and go, we cant live life by the "what if's".

Here is school that has been turned into a shelter for families evacuated. Kids are on "winter break" so many schools are being used.

I love this one, making the best of it! Our Ecuadorean neighbors keep teaching us that. Shit happens, keep your chin up.

Our exiting president Rafeal Correa visiting the affected areas. He is indeed a special man. I cant imagine Trump doing this...

As close as Charapoto has flooded. Our friends Nexar and family live there, but are in no flooding danger.

Wherever one lives there are natural disasters, sometimes you have warning, other times you dont. We can make smart decisions, but in the end who's really in control? Make yourself crazy worrying or move on? We choose to keep it positive, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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