Monday, April 17, 2017

Our budding business

The young man who helped us move, told us he could build furniture, so when the river started spewing forth all sorts of good wood, Mike and Javier went scavenging. They borrowed a tricyclo and came home with a bounty!

Javier 's first the making

Mike checking on progress, Javier and his brother Milton and their neice.

And the first chair finished and delivered...

As I was painting it, We found a board that fit, now it has its own side table.

It is quite a piece, a bit heavy and not all together comfortable, but his first attempt. We gave him $10 for making it, and if it sells we will give him the rest. (Would probably price it at $35)

They dont quite understand making lots of things for inventory. Here when someone wants something they ask for it, unlike in the States where one doesnt KNOW they want something until they see we are trying to teach them, at the moment it goes like this " you make it, and I may buy it".

Its giving us projects to paint on, and thats stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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