Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Whale watching excursion

June thru September is whale watching season, we have said we would go several times in the two years we have lived here, and finally went. My mom and her best friend, or my "aunt" Sharon came for a 2 week visit and whale watching was one thing we had planned. I asked Joffre to get with Captain Pasqual, and to confirm, Joffre brought Pasqual over to the house one evening, it was official, we would leave around 9am.

We walked down the Boca road a little way to where the boats were parked. Pasqual's son Diego, and Gixi were there getting the boat ready, and to help us with our jackets.

A little ways out, we ran across some fishermen, and the boat slowed so we could watch them, and wouldn't you know it...we knew them! 

Hola Kai! One of fishermen friends...

Captain Pasqual stood up front and his son Diego stood in back, scanning the horizon the whole time. We headed west, then north towards Bahia.

About an hour in, I said to myself, it was more like whale waiting, rather than whale watching.

We finally saw a spout in the distance, and went looking for it, we found what Pasqual said was a pregnant solo female. She showed us her fin and tail for a minute, but wasn't much for jumping. The day was perfect anyway, the water was beautiful, the air was fresh and we were still amazed and impressed by the boat trip, but it wasn't over...

We had asked if he would take us up the river a little ways, so once we had decided we were done looking for whales, he headed towards the Boca. San Clemente shoreline

San Alejo shoreline, big property is Hotel Chediak.

I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get up the river, since it was low tide, but these guys know what they are doing, and it was no problem.

Cormorants, the black "sea ducks" Mike has seen out front of our house.

Pasqual said these are Garza, Spanish for heron. We also saw iguana in the mangroves, but I couldnt see any in these pictures. 

This tree must be a favorite spot, look how shitty it is...sorry, lack of better word

And up the river, we came across a small neighborhood, complete with boat parking. Very cute, I like this area.

The river trip was amazing as well, we turned the engine off a couple times, and heard such a mix of birds hidden inside the dense mangroves, it sounded downright prehistoric. 

Ceibo tree

Diego taking a break, Sharon catching a flying Garza

The trip was winding down, and a good thing, we'd been out on the water for almost six hours, and needed lunch! They took back down the river and dropped us off in front of the house! We paid $25 a person for the whale watching, and another $5 per person for the jaunt up the river, what an economical day of sightseeing! 

One more picture of the beautiful blue green ocean water...smiles all around! What an amazing day, thanks to Captain Pasqual, Diego and Gixi for the "hard work", it was fun to see them "working" at something they clearly love to do. So, stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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