Sunday, August 7, 2016

Photo Album

I have many posts in the works, but my mom and "aunt" are here, and we are on the go, go, a quick post this morning, before we head off to the market, and shopping for trinkets in Sosote.

Very old picture of the market place in PortoViejo, well not REALLY old, check out the Chevy. Point is, it's not much different today.

Old picture of the "ruins" and below, is what they looked like up until before the earthquake

Now only the big pieces of sea wall and the cistern are left. The rest got scooped up and made into new sea wall closer to the road.

Little visitor, he's sitting on the Cielo sign...

More visitors, that we had to evict after we got back from the jungle, they had made a mess of my plants, and had fleas! Time to go! Buckets of water, and plugging up the holes in the fence, and they've been successfully relocated.

And Another visitor, he was sooooooo tiny, we have one twice as big we named Wally, because he walks on walls, he comes to say hello everyday.

With the tearing down of Vecinos house, my kitchen window was hot, so I modge podge'd fabric strips and made a stained glass effect.  Yo gusta! 

A wonderful friend has told me she has cancer, and started chemo. She was worried her hair was already falling out, so I made her some headwear. Prayers for Jenny please.

A new driftwood shelf out on the patio.

And a picture from last year. A lot has changed! We have a roof over the patio, the neighbors house is gone, but the lake came back just the other day...I guess it's normal. So much going on, so as always...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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