Sunday, August 21, 2016

Festival San Jacinto

On the coast of Ecuador the Festival circuit starts in June with Crucita's Peter and Paul festival. San Jacinto holds its festival in August, San Clemente in September, and then Charapoto is in October, but with the earthquake in April, the powers that be said No festival this year. We had a feeling by the time August rolled around, people would be ready for a party, and we were right.

First, was the feverishly working people getting the new monument finished. Huge sails, cute paint, and plenty of lights, Facebook has already been lit up with selfies!

The stage was set up at the end of Calle Pricipal, and there was a night of Karaoke scheduled, something cultural, which ended up being a local talent show, and the night the comedians were to perform we got a band instead! But first, the parade and crowning of the new Queen...

"The Virgen Guadelupe" are the group who take care of the tourist Ramadas, so their float in the parade was a replica of one selling food.

And Captain Pasqual's paper mache whale!

It was a much needed release, and everyone had a good time. The band was paid for by the Coachmes bank, celebrating 20 years. The next day for the closing of the festival, there was the procession of the Saints.

We must have been walking on the beach, otherwise we would have heard this commotion, as it walked right in front of our house...

The festival brought many people from out of town, a much needed boost to the local economy. As the sun moves back towards us, and we heat up, the tourists will hopefully start to come back, they are so important to our little community. San Clemente is having their festival on September 3rd, so...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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