Friday, July 8, 2016

The day the walls came tumblin' down

It seems like we've been waiting for the maquina, for weeks, oh yeah...we have! Well, finally on Tuesday the machine came and Vecino asked him to come back in the late afternoon, that must not have been an option, as they came back on Wednesday morning. 

I'd been putting off laundry, thinking the machine would be coming anytime, but I despretly needed to wash sheets, so I'm very glad they couldn't come back for demo til Wednesday, as I'd just washed and hung the laundry to dry. On Wednesday the machine driver came onto our property, and surveyed the situation, I told him we had two mascotas (pets) and would have them in the house for demo.

We closed the door, and the windows except to peek out...

The driver was amazing! He took the machines fork, and twirled this rebar like spaghetti, it sounded horrible, but was awesome to watch.

Because of our dogs, they stopped here for the day, and left the outside walls intact, so our perimeter was secure, Mas a menos (more or less).

The outside walls also meant the machine was more protected over night, they came back and dug in first thing.

When he got close to the shade structure, he took one tine of the fork, like a finger and pulled down the support column.

I think he touched the roof once, but nothing fell that wasnt supposed to. They started loading dump trucks, and the clean up was on. Vecino had to make a temporary kitchen last night, but at least his new house is done, and the worst is over.

This morning as I was securing our area, Monata was making his outdoor kitchen more permanent. While the dump trucks were gone yesterday, Monata's cat brought at least one kitten up to our area, and so I sectioned off that part of the yard from the dogs, geez all I need is a couple of kittens hanging around!

The black plastic is really just an illusion of safety, but will keep street dogs from wondering up on the patio. Monata said he would build a fence, and not to worry. I have some surprises for his new house, and will ask to have some alone time inside to "decorate." 

I've made some new towels for him, and painted some pictures, will take him a houseplant we started from cutting, and maybe some bedding, depending on his set up. So glad we had the GoFundMe money to help him, we gave him $50 before we went to the jungle, and another $50 after to help him finish his new house. We plan to help him with shade for his kitchen, and walls for his bathroom too. So...stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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