Monday, July 18, 2016

Baby showers, and Birthdays

Way back in April, the day of the earthquake, to be exact, I was invited to Jenny, the tienda owners, daughter in laws bridal shower. Gisela and Xavier have been together for over six years, this was the natural progression of things...

I arrived "fashionably late" about twenty minutes after the invitation start time, and the tables hadn't been delivered yet, awkward. Many ladies were still bustling around, trying to get things ready, tables came, and we (the guests who had arrived already) helped put the table clothes on. The banquet hall was really decked out!

There were some games, the normal Ecuadorean snack foods, little corn dog things, popcorn, tiny sandwiches, cookies, and sweets. They served a cold green mint drink, couldn't tell if it was alcoholic or not, the mint may have just been strong.

Because I had been there since 2ish, as it approached 6pm, I'd had my fill. Some ladies had started drinking beer, and it was getting a little rowdy. I didn't understand most of what was going on, so I snuck out. (Why I'm not in any pictures)

This was the table I was sitting at, Darcy who works at Jenny's store, Cecilia who used to work at Jenny's and was the reigning Queen of San Jacinto for 2015, another young lady who is related, and our friend who works at the pharmacy. Cute little picture "frame" they made.

I got home from the shower about 30 minutes before the earthquake. Glad I was home. Anyway, a good time was had by all.

Last Saturday we were invited to Nexars grandsons birthday, Nexar said he would pick us up, and take us to the party after he was done with work at the Panderia. He picked us up a little before 4pm, and the party was already started (the invitation probably said 2pm, hahah!). In true Ecuadorean fashion, the chairs were all around the outside of the room, and nobody was talking to each other, maybe because the music was so loud. 

Some kids decided to dance, but really nothing was happening except snacks, guests on phones and breast feeding. (Nothing out of the ordinary here!) The normal snacks, corn dog things, little sandwiches, popcorn, jello (sometimes they put condensed milk over the top of the jello) one of the uncles finally got the cerveza out, and the adults could enjoy a little more. 

A couple uninvited party guests who came to check out the festivities. They were just running around the neighborhood, they were about the size of the chihuahuas, pretty cute. Porkita one of the moms said.

The "piñata" was fun for a minute. Here the piñata's are different, a little trap door is pulled and the candy falls out, no violence, nobody hitting anything, no blind folds, but that means the whole process is over in seconds, big scramble, then just confetti on the floor.

After we were all full of snacks (and beer) they brought out food, yikes! Most of the moms got the food to go, and it ended pretty quickly. The decorations came down, and balloons were sent home with the guests, along with cupcakes, and goodie bags. We ate, shared another beer with some family, and as it was all winding down, Nexar got us a taxi home. 

Birthday boy, still not sure of his name, need Nexar to write it down. Another great afternoon and Eve with some of our Ecuadorean family. We love being invited, it really means a lot to us, to be included even tho we don't know the language or customs, but we are learning. The more we've been to, the more we realize there is a progression of events. The little corn dogs come first, then the little sandwiches, maybe more corn dogs, then popcorn, and jello. We are getting the hang of it, so stay tuned...the adventure continues!

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