Saturday, July 2, 2016

Road trip? Why not...

We have been invited numerous times to a friends hotel under construction in the jungle, and it was never a good time, well this time it was. With the demolition next door, the lake out front and Mike's shoulder the invitation, including dogs and a ride was perfect timing. I'm glad I didn't ask how far a trip until we got in the car, because if I'd known it was 6 hours, we probably wouldn't have gone! But I'm glad we did.

We headed north thru Bahia and over the bridge headed to Jama. The road was pretty good, except non of the bridges met up with the road, they had all been filled in from where the earthquake jostled them out of place. 

The grande mono in Jama has a new sign

But part of him got broken from the earthquake, I don't think you can climb inside anymore.

In Jama we got breakfast, a really yummy "clean out the fridge" type of "empanadas". It had egg, chicken, some veggies and interesting spices. I liked it, but couldn't understand what Serrano our driver called it.

After Jama we continued on thru Perdenales, more rubble, tent cities and lots of plastic sheeting! Saw a shipping container converted to restrooms, labeled mujer y hombres.

After sometime we ventured inland, and saw less and less earthquake damage, and more green! About half way we stopped for lunch in Concordia and they had the cutest little motto taxis.

Wonderful lunch, fill up the gas tank, and we're off!

Our destination, the little blue dot, literally in the middle of no where! No wonder nobody could ever explain where the hotel was! 

We thoroughly enjoyed the scenery, Serrano is a very good driver, but after we turned onto the dirt road (for the last 2 hrs) it was almost unpleasant. Amazing things we got to see from the road...

Steps carved into the dirt, I certainly wouldn't want to do that after a couple cervezas! We saw a ladder for the first part, then climb up the mud, yikes!

Wildlife, along the way, there was NO adult, anywhere around this kid.

All this to see, and we haven't even arrived yet!!

This will have to be a multiple post series, because there is just so much to share. Next post will be the property surrounding the hotel, and the hotel post will be after the Grand Opening weekend late July. So, stay tuned...The adventure continues!

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