Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monday Monday

On Saturday Vecino told us if we bought the supplies, he would put up a fence for us on Monday. We discussed what was needed and he arranged for Fernando Father fishermen to take him to buy the supplies on Sunday. We had already invited Nexar and family over for lunch (his birthday was the 7th) but knew the job wasn't so big that it couldn't be done by lunch possibly. Bright and early Vecino and a helper got started.

I had strung this black plastic across, as a visual barrier, but the wind had blown it down, luckily our pups don't really want to leave us, so it wasn't an issue, but security is important.

It really didn't take long, the posts holes were dug, bamboo split, and then the slats were attached. The pups pretty much sat outside all morning watching the men work. Around the time Nexar and family arrived another helper had come, and made quick work of pounding down the nails, and voila!

While I was cooking, Mike showed off his clay creations, and kept the family occupied. They live in Charapoto, and really enjoyed just sitting in the ocean breeze. Lunch was hamburgers on Nexars wonderful bread with potato salad and fruit. Nexar asked about rice, and we told him that North Americans eat either rice OR potatoes, but not usually at the same meal. Everyone enjoyed the burgers, and after some chatting we decided to walk the beach, as it was getting to be low tide.

The girls were picking up shells, and the pups were running around like crazy. But the boys...found the water!

The kids enjoyed a swim with Nexar, and we all got a kick out of the pups.

Veronica runs with such velocity she is often sore the next day, and therefore grumpy, so Mike carried her awhile, she didn't seem to mind.

I had made bread pudding in the crockpot, with Nexars day old bread, so we headed home for dessert.

A wonderful day, beautiful sunny skies in the morning, and just a little cloud cover to keep it cool in the afternoon. Good food with good friends, and new security from our caring neighbor. Our life in Ecuador does not suck! As always, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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