Saturday, October 3, 2015

Protests and Presents

I'm sure I've mentioned before, I get all my news from Facebook, I've never been one to sit and watch story after story of tragedy, and these days are no exception. Thru Facebook I learned soon enough of the most recent killing spree in the U.S., and if I had needed more info, I could have googled it and learned plenty, but I had enough info, sad is sad, I didn't need details. I'm sure if I sat down to watch a news hour, I'd see good stories with the bad, and here on my Facebook it's the same. Today's Facebook news is a protest in Manta.

I DID think I needed more info, so I googled it...didn't get a whole lot, but I gathered the protest is about the mayor. No big surprise that apparently not everyone in Manta likes the Mayor, not much news there, it's the same in every city.

There is speculation of corruption, something about a land deal that went sideways. People may or may not have been cheated, I read the city had wanted to buy some land for either a water treatment facility or some other reason, and people were only being offered .47 cents per square meter for their land. So that's not good, but then I read something else that said, the plan never came to fruition and the land was all given I said I've never been one for news.

Another thing I read, was that there was a "march" to gain support for the traffic police getting a higher pay wage. So because I got these pictures from Facebook, there's no telling what's really going on, but now you know!

And the GOOD Jaramijo, not far from Manta, Santa Claus came early, in the form of 8 boats! The reigning Queen on San Jacinto turned me on to this story, and it's a sweet one.

Not sure where the boats came from, but they were given to  "de la FederaciĆ³n de Cooperativas Pesqueras Artesanales del Ecuador". 

Looks like the boats all have fresh paint, and see those boxes in the corner of the picture...guess what's in there?!

Just like Christmas!

Towns people at the ceremony, and some very happy campers...

I noticed that Fernando Father Fisherman's original Robinson boat is gone, I'll have to ask him where it went, and how much the new one cost. (I really have no idea how much the boats cost.)

Well, there you have it...protests and presents, all the news there is to know...from Facebook. We just had some visitors over the fence, Joffre brought the organic egg man, and we bought 10 for $2, I usually buy a dozen for $1.80 so they are a little more expensive, will just have to see if it's worth it. And Ali was out soliciting his famous Coco Chicken, we ordered two, and he said he would deliver at six, that's fun! One last thing, my finished kitchen rug...

I sprayed it with clear coat, and was able to just sweep it off, not bad if I do say so my self...on with the day, stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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