Saturday, October 10, 2015

Castles in the Sand

Sometime earlier this week a notice showed up on Facebook advertising a sand sculpture event in Crucita Boca, it said it was to take place Friday at 9am, so we waited. Friday morning low tide was at 8 and we walked down to see what we could see from across the river, not much. A couple piles of sand and the tents being put up was all we could see. A little before 11am, I contacted our friends at Casa WF who got out the binoculars, but said they couldn't see any sculptures as there were too many bystanders, so at least there was good turnout. I found out from Facebook that one of the expats in San Clemente was on his way back on his bike, so I knew there were pictures to be seen.

John McDonald did do a blog post about it, but his pictures were too large for me to share with you here, but this morning, again on Facebook, PortoViejo tourism posted these.

They had a stage with music, and dancers of Manabi, and quite the shindig from what I hear.  They only had til about 4 when high tide would probably take all this away, but til then fun was had!

The flyer had said there would be two sculptures, but I guess they had enough sand for more, not sure who was working on them, but they did a good job.

Casa WF in the background, across the river.

And the favorite of the day was this one, with bonus water and greenery. This week has been a holiday, with kids out of school, so the tourism department picked a good day for it. It was a great crowd.

Growing up at the beach in Southern California, I've seen some sand sculptures, this brought back some fond, although faint memories. It's true, you can take the girl from the beach, but not the beach from the girl...and here I am, back at the beach. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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