Thursday, October 15, 2015

A day in the life

When one is retired, their time is their own, for some that is the problem, not for me. I enjoy not having anything "on my schedule". That being said, I do anxiously await for Friday's, that is the day I am now doing my fruit and veg shopping. The fruit truck parks in El Centro between 10am ish and 2pm ish, I go now at 11ish, and he's been there every time. The lady who owns MiniMart, Lilliana is there picking her produce too. Saves me a $1 (or $2, if Mike goes) not having to take the bus to Charapoto on Sunday's, and I don't have to carry everything so far. Here are pictures of our purchase last Friday.

$13 for two lbs of strawberries, half a HUGE papaya, mandarins, oranges, maracuya, pineapple, peppers, tomatoes, green onions, broccoli, apples and potatoes. We shared the mandarins with the fishermen out front and should have shared strawberries, because Mike just couldn't eat them fast enough.

Here's what I did after I took these pictures, made my smoothie fixins for the week.

Papaya, pineapple and banana go in the freezer so I don't have to use ice. Add yogurt, water and maracuya and yum!

So, now that I've got my shopping, fruit cleaning and smoothie prep done it's time to do a project. Last year as I realized holiday decorations aren't prevalent my mind started coming up with alternatives. Here is one thing I came up with. Use what you have laying around!

Coconut pumpkins for fall? How about taking that one step farther...

I'm pretty happy with the result. I'd collected the coconuts weeks ago, so they were good and dry, and recently bought oil paint which made them nice and shiny. What else can I do with coconuts? Stay tuned...

In keeping with my theme of A day in the life it's...Probably time for lunch, so I go back inside. Might be getting too windy for the umbrella outside anyway, lunch and an afternoon project watching a movie or TV series. This project took a couple days, as I had to remake it, but again I'm happy with the result.

I was given three pairs of jeans, so I mixed two of the different colored (wash) jeans and a bit of blue muslin and Tshirt material to make this wave inspired pillow. It was all done by hand, as my newly acquired sewing machine is under the weather...hmmm...the denim material was actually easier than the muslin to work with, but it taught me how differently fabrics react.

We go back outside anytime after 4:30 or 5, after the heat of the blazing sun has died down, a little happy hour snack and beverage and watch the sunset.

A small "lake" has formed again, but was gone in the morning. Made for a pretty picture! Dinner and a little TV, and I kid you not, we could be ready for bed by 8pm! So, there you have it, a typical day here on the coast (forgot to mention we had our beach walk before the fruit truck at 11). We do what we want, and have realized 

Stay tuned! The adventure continues!

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