Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Photo Album

While I'm waiting for the pictures from the weekend in Manta, I've decided to clean out my Camera Roll and share some random photos.

Here is an adorable little van we had parked right outside the fence the other day. So cute with its retro green and orange stripe, would love to vacation in this up and down the coast.

Another cool "find" on the beach...

These clever little folding spoons come on the yogurt package (maybe other foods as well) and they are surprisingly sturdy for being foldable plastic. Well done Ecuador, of course we did find it washed up on the maybe there should be a little more teaching about littering...

One more picture of my painted coconut pumpkins, because I'm really impressed with them. :)

And some painted sand dollars I'm doing for Christmas decorations/ornaments.

Did I mention I'm getting "organic" eggs delivered every Saturday morning? I buy 10 for $2 can you tell which one is organic? 

High tide washed under the gate yesterday morning. No biggee, for water to get into the house, this whole courtyard would have to be full 6-8" deep, or waves that high would have to get in. Not saying that couldn't happen, but so far it seems unlikely. There certainly may be sandbags in our future, but I'd rather shovel SAND than shovel SNOW!!

Almost time for a morning walk, cool and overcast, low tide is at 9am. Can't wait to see what else the high tide brought us along the coast in the night. Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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