Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Shell projects

Some time ago I posted about all the shells and stuff we were finding on our beach walks, we'd started sorting them and cleaning them before we did our house sitting at La Boca. While at the Boca house, I got art supplies and got busy, made several different kind of Christmas tree ornaments and some things for possible gifts. Not really knowing who likes "crafty" gifts, I gave the ornaments to our friends Jim and Marty and kept the rest, the ornaments were a big hit, and I'll make more thru out the year for a tree of our own.

Even the twine used as hangers was found on the beach. I really liked the way these turned out and will make many for us. Also made some cutesy ones...

The legs and fins on the turtle ornaments were made from a found (or lost) flip flop we picked up on the beach. At first I was torn whether to paint the shells, because I really liked the "natural-ness" but after I painted one, I really liked it too, so I'll paint them whenever I want, this next one turned out good.

Shell Poinsettia, that I put on my "wreath" then was able to take it off after Christmas was over.

The form of this "wreath" is a broken 5 gallon bucket lid, the blue and turquoise twine  was found on the beach, as well as the lightbulb (which doesn't show well on this picture) and bottle caps. Very happy with my early projects, and after getting settled in the new house was able to work on phase two.

Really happy with how this wall hanging turned out, and LOVE IT against the turquoise wall paint, the close up shows that I added Tagua beads to it, just a little bit of color, and local flavor.

The one on the turquoise wall is approx 1 1/2 feet wide and 2 ft long, and the one above is bigger by a foot in both directions. Very pleased with how they turned out, and working on wind chimes now, who knew this pile could turn into such fun art...

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the fruits of our beach combing, as much as I've enjoyed playing with them. Stay tuned, the Adventure continues,one shell art project at a time!!


  1. Wow! Very creative with the sea shells. Is there anything you guys can't do?

  2. What's the status of your container? Did you just have to let it go?

  3. Just got an email with the suggestion of going to Ec Customs personally, the container people have agreed to discount the now $12,820 storage fees, but the abandonment still needs lifted. They did not tell me what kind of discount they were approved to that is the status, hasn't been auctioned off yet, but I still don't have it, nor am I sure I can afford it...