Monday, January 26, 2015

It's a hard life

Looking at the calendar this morning, I'm reminded that it's been a couple days since I last posted. So I replay the weekend in my mind, and checked my phone for pictures and realize it was pretty boring. The tide is such that it's at its lowest at the heat of the day, so we didn't go for any lengthy walks, but we did sit out and work with shells.

Our new friend, Jose brings us these big shells and has brought us a couple sea horses too. Mike is planning driftwood wall plaques with the sea horses, and he drilled holes in this big shell to hang strands from, turned out nicely. One day Jose asked for a $1, the next day he didn't, but then yesterday when he brought us three big shells I said, "uno momento" but he said no, we were amigos, (that means no money needed.) His job is to sort thru the nets after the fishermen get back to shore, and so he finds the good stuff, and knows we like that sort of thing. We showed him some of the stuff we are working on and he liked it all very much.

Getting a trip planned into PV to do some groceries and get our Astro turf, so little we really need in the big city. We've been going to the Friday fruit truck in town, and there are plenty of veggies at the tiendas to get us thru the week. My Sunday market buddy got home last night from a business trip to the States, and maybe brought me some goodies. Hard to find stuff, like Dill weed was on the list this time. But a guilty pleasure, Nutella is cheaper at the Supermaxi, than at Walmart, go figure. Anyway, may have an adventure going into the big city...

Another shell project I finished this weekend...

We've been painting these mussel (?) shells in rainbow for a week, and after I got one string strung, realized both sides really needed to be painted. I didn't want to unstring what I'd done, nor did I really want to go back and paint them all again, since I only have 5 colors of paint, and everything else is mixed by I kept going and strung a couple more, when they are blowing in the wind and hung very close, you don't notice so much that only one side is painted, but since I have nothing but time, I'll paint the rest and do my original project another time.

I think we need to make this sign for our house. Things can be a little frustrating, like if you're planning something and the power goes out, or you have a ride scheduled, and they flake, but the weather's great and time rolls by easily. We take time out for the sunset and enjoy the little things, life is good. Hope you are all taking time to enjoy the little things, life in the BIG world can be so busy, but it only takes a moment to stop and notice something. Thanks for spending time with us here on our adventure, it's going to continue, you can bet on that! Stay tuned!

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