Sunday, January 18, 2015

Finished Fence

We certainly can see why Manuel is considered a Maestro, he took our idea, and made it better than we had hoped. He spent two and a half days with us, and next week will be back over to finish some projects at Marty and Jaimes house, then in February we will have him back for phase two.

We already had Manuel tweak the fence, had to add a couple slats at the bottom so the dogs couldn't see everything and every stray dog that walked by. (Even tho they can smell them) We also asked him if he couldn't build a table frame, which he did with leftover wood, and turned out amazing!

The glass top was on the coffee table that came with our sectional sofa we bought second hand from our old neighbors. The coffee table was always too big for our rooms, but we saw the potential with the glass top, Mike figured it must come off somehow, so he got it loose, and then it was easy to tell Manuel what was needed. He did a wonderful job, and all this, fence, table, supplies and 2 days of workers under $300!

We had Joffrey over to see it, he thought we could get the landlord to help pay, but we said it was ok, let them have some rent money. The fence was something we needed, not something they needed to provide.

And speaking of Joffrey, we have another outing with him today. He has a lady friend in Charapoto who will go with us (double date) we think we are taking the bus to Montichristi, where they make Panama hats and wicker furniture, but he also said to bring a swimsuit and towel and we'll go to a water slide! The cameras charged and we've got the pocket translator, we're all set, so as always, stay tuned, the adventure continues!!

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