Friday, January 9, 2015

Hodge Podge

This post will  be a compilation of things from the past few weeks, cleaning out the camera roll and some last tidbits of info.

We saw another Christmas tree in Charapoto while at the weekend market, looks like in the past they've done the string of plastic bottles, but this year did something different on the tree form. It's Astro Turf, they call is cesped (cess-pay, the d is silent) we've just ordered some for our courtyard space, our friends at the Boca have it and it's lovely.

Charapoto is a very nice little town, I've said before it's about 4 blocks by approx 6blocks and a good outlet for items one can't get here in the "village". It's approx 5 miles from here, and a quick trip on the bus, usually .40 cents.

I don't even remember the circumstances of this picture, (it was taken way back on the 11th of December) and so much has happened since then, but I do love the juxtaposition of the old world and the new. If I'm seeing this correctly, the burro is tied to the four wheeler, yes?! Love it, certainly know I'm not in The States anymore...

Another shell project completed, this one is more of a wind chime than wall hanging, the shells clink against the bottles and make a nice sound, I'm thinking of adding a couple more bottles so it makes a bit more noise. The fishermen like our crafty side and brought us a present yesterday, Mike has an idea of something to do with our new treasures from the sea...

They shrank a little in the drying process, but very cool none the less. Looking forward to what else the pescadaro's bring us. We've got a standing order for a pound of fresh fish fillets on Tuesdays for $5, we used to pay $6, and I swear this pound is double the size what we used to get. 

Here's a funny one taken at dinner one night. Notice how the three cars are all parked different, the black one is parked diagonally, the next one is parallel parked and then Gino the bread man's truck... That's Ecuador for ya! No Rules!

Our new water pump leaked, and we've been rationing water the past couple days hoping the city would refill, but they are off schedule because of the holiday and it didn't fill last night, so we're calling on a water truck, it'll cost us $15 but worth it. Also waiting on a carpenter, need to have a fence built to keep the street dogs out of the courtyard, wanting an outdoor table to do our crafts on, and maybe some sort of shade structure. The hiccups here are getting smaller, and the new house is still great, we've survived the first 6 months, and they say they are the kidding, but it does look like it's smooth sailing ahead. So Stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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