Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The utility bill was WHAT?

Dave, the landlord told us last month that he'd recieved the utility bills, he vaguely told us what each one was, but never really got us a firm number. As another month was ending, and we were trying to nail down some things with him I sent him an email, asking the total owed for utilities, the answer I got, was not what I expected.

Internet was the highest, $38 per month. Then the power and the water, $15 each! Yep, even for two months, that's only $106! Our gas (for stove) was initial cost of the tank $58, but when it needs refilled, it'll only be $3, that won't be for another month probably. Our cell phone (which we purchased for $24.99) has been operating off the same $10 we put on it back in mid August! Our drinking water was $6 for a new 5 gallon bottle, and $1 for refills, we use less than 2 bottles a week.

We will purchase a small television soon, and at one point thought about DirecTV, but with the Roku, and Netflix, we've decided we don't need to spend the $49-79 monthly. Weve decided to buy another cell phone, we are not usually away from each other, but with the addition of more friends, we may be, and better to have contact than not.

We looked at some "furnished rentals" the other day with Joffre, the reason why we were looking is because if we can't get residency, our visa is up in December and we'll have to leave Ecuador. We would probably go to Peru where we can stay for 183 days just with our passport, in that time, hopefully sell one of our rental houses, then be able to come back to Ecuador June 2015 and get an Investors visa with the deposit of $26,000 in an interest bearing CD.

If we have to leave in 3 months, there's no reason to start purchasing new items, hence the reason to find a furnished place. Be a little more comfortable for what little time we have here, but what we found would NOT be more comfortable...of course we want cheaper, who doesn't? But what that got us was ...let's say more rustic...we looked at one that had "battery electric", outside bathrooms and kitchen, no windows, yes, really, NO GLASS, but did come with mosquito nets. (You'd have to!) that was $10 per day, um, no thanks. Another place we looked at was tiny but cute, $250 per month, but shared outdoor space, and no internet. Might as well stay put, really try for our residency, so we don't have to leave in December, and start fresh. 

In our meandering the other day, we ran into the owners of these cute little bungalows, new construction, 2 bed only $40,000. Which reminds me, in another post I said some other bungalows were $60k, that's wrong, they were $35k. Joffre found us land for sale $9000, and a house for $39,000 with financing for 5 years, if we qualified. (Which we wouldn't) So, if we do sell a rental unit, Joffre is our go to guy, we spent a couple hours with him, he even closed his hardware store, I tried to give him $5, but he wouldn't take it. Great guy, really glad we met him, even with our limited spanish, we get it when he jokes, and he's very patient with us. We did tell him "lo siento, Mi espanol poco poco" and he said "Rapido!" Translated, I'm sorry, Im learning spanish little bits at a time, and his response was to learn it faster. We all laughed!

Enjoy friends and loved ones, start planning your own adventure, and of course, stay tuned...because ours isn't over yet!!


  1. You posted your utility bills. Wish mine were that low. As a senior, I have sticker shock at a recent letter I received from our electric company. They want to raise our equal monthly payment plan from $146.18 to just over $260 per month. Yikes!!!

    That's only the electric bill and then was have natural gas on top for our hot water tank and furnace.

  2. I'm following your amazing blogs about your adventures in Ecuador. Am having tears myself re your container plight.

    Some day, I would like to relocate to EC where the cost of living is lower than U.S., but currently I do not find any information regarding emergency medical services. There is a new hospital in Quito with outstanding medical facilities but no EMT service for transportation. Information is sparse also for 50+ senior living communities with nursing care support.

  3. Sure thought I had read where you had signed a rental lease for a year. Maybe not. Think I'm too old for all that adventure and unknown. I like comfort and knowing what to expect. Glad you are enjoying it and best wishes.