Saturday, October 18, 2014

Statues are big business

Every little town has statues, whether it's in the town square, or in a large round about at the entrance to the city. Usually the statue has to do with the main crop, or industry of the place it's located. I posted the fish one in Manta not too long ago, and have collected a couple more. This one is in PortoViejo, showcasing the main industry of corn, Tamarind and sugar cane.

It may be papaya, or avocado? They grow everything, so it's hard to tell. Beautiful tile work, and nice landscaping.

We have three in San Jacinto, I had to use another bloggers photo, I keep forgetting to take one. This is as you walk down the Malecon from San Alejo or San Clemente, just as you enter San Jacinto

Then this is the town square/circle, the centro...

On the north side of town there's another fish statue, similar to this one. I'm always on the bus when we go by that one, so it's been tricky to get a good photo, one of these days.

Then there's the lighthouse, at the edge of the point in San Jacinto, we can see it from Ali's when we eat there. But this was taken from below, one day when the tide was low and we were walking on the beach.

After we get settled, when we get our residency squared away, I'm sure we will start to venture out to other parts of the country, am looking forward to seeing the other statues that have been lovingly built to celebrate the lively hood of Ecuador. It's an amazing country, so small yet so big. Same square miles as Colorado,  but it feels every bit as big as the U.S. They manufacture almost everything they use, not much is imported, and we like that. It's been a fun, bumpy, but fun ride, and it's not over, so much more to come, so stay tuned, the adventure continues!

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