Monday, October 13, 2014


Seems like it's been awhile, and looking back at the last post, it has!

After we got the cabinets on Monday,  we were scheduled to go to Manta with Ken and Lyndell, it was a slightly crazy day, but productive. They got their dogs groomed for a third of the price in the States, all three for $45, they even had a $20 X-ray taken, for the dog in a people X-ray office, step right up, no waiting, unheard of! Glad to report all dogs are doing great.

We'd never been to the "new" part of Manta, so it was exciting, but all in all, we've decided PortoViejo is closer and just as good for shopping. We spent too much time looking at everything, we didn't have time to stop at the nursery, darn it. Here's some pictures of our outing.

Beautiful new Supermaxi, the one in PortoViejo has other shops around it, but this one was isolated, so you really do need a car to get much accomplished. Another stop was a furniture store, pretty gorgeous modern stuff, and a pretty penny too, too stiff for our budget, but nice to look at.

They had table lamps, sign said $9.99, so I was inquiring, but the sales lady said they were only $9.99 if you bought a piece of furniture, and regular price was $19.99, no thanks. Table lamps are lacking here in Ecuador, and replacement lamp shades, forget about it! Now Mike has an appreciation for my lamp "collection" in the container....sigh...

We bought a small TV, and it's been lovely, now we can watch tv while Mike works on the laptop. We are heading in to PortoViejo today to buy wall mount brackets, since we don't have much in the way of flat surfaces. I finished curtain panels, and with a little more decorations, it'll be a room we are used to.

No matter our budget, I've always been a decorator, and Mike enjoys it too, so we've always had "magazine worthy" interiors, this living really sparsly was a challenge.

We went to eat Friday night at Pablo's new restaurant, he moved a couple weeks ago, and had the grand reopening, food was terrific, atmosphere was very nice, outside and candles and of course reasonable. Ran into a blog fan, (yep, still famous, hehee) and had a wonderful evening, life is Good!

Finished painting our other upstairs room, and Dave says the window bars will be ready tomorrow, so we can start pulling things together. We've decided to make a sitting room, and have guest beds, in case we have someone stay the night. Our friends who live at the end of San Jacinto are exactly two miles away, and some night that may be too far to walk after a night out. Best to be prepared.

Container news is lacking, I've sent all the documents to a lawyer, who sent them on to her partners in Guayaquil, but every week when I inquire, she says it's being worked on, but never any info...someone else said they have an idea how we can get it at auction, but at this point I don't need any "speculation", I need hard facts, we are putting it behind us. Miracles happen,'s not in the forefront of our mind everyday, and that makes life better. It was a heavy weight. Keep up those positive thoughts and prayers. Thanks for following our adventure, it's not over, so STAY TUNED!

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  1. Paige,
    As crafty as you are, I bet you could make your own lampshades. First make a base wireframe. See this www site to whet your creativity.

    Or do a google search on how to make a chicken wire lampshade.

    To cover your wire frame, cut long strips of 1/2" white cotton fabric or twill tape, the former because twill tape may not be available in EC. Wrap the framework tightly making sure it has a tight bond with the wire framework using either small hand stitches or small droplets of Elmer's glue here and thereto tack the tape in place.

    Do not try to make a pattern of the framework's section. Just lay your selected fabric (just big enough)to casually fit between the wire framewok of each section. Pin in place, Using a sharp needle and quilting thread (nylon), handstitch the fabric to the tape along that frame section. Cut excess fabric close to your stitch line and proceed with the next section.

    Hint: If using a dark fabric and you don't want a white colored framework to show, use black tape and/or a color to coordinate with your selected fabric.

    For your lampshade, you can use solid or print fabrics or even print sheets to coordinate with your bedding or curtain panels.

    When you use chickenwire to make your shade frame, you can paint it any color you want and use a fabric bow for accent.

    When you are 'crafty', you improvise when a household decorating product is not available. Saw some unique ideas recently at a craft fair, where wine corks and small sea beach twigs were were drilled and theaded with wire and attached to the framework..

    Using a paper punch, decorative paper can also be laced to the framework. Print some of your beach photo scenes onto Kodak picture paper or quick fuse inkjet fabric sheets, if available in EC at Supermaxi, etc.

    Large clear glass jars or vases can also be used and made into lamp bases.