Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Jersey Shore reference in the title, you either know it or you don't, anyway...this post is about Cabinets, kitchen cabinets to be exact, finally! Dave, the landlord got a young man named Jose to come "make it work" and he did just that, it was impressive to watch. He pulled up on his bicycle with his tools in a 5 gallon bucket, used wood out of our scrap heap, and only had to leave for supplies twice.

First he measured where they were to go, then he made a "helper" to hold them up so he could mark where the holes were in the back. He took them down, drilled pilot holes then put them back up, and bolted them to the wall. All by himself! He went out once for screws/bolts, because I didn't have any, and he left again later, because a piece  of tile had fallen off, and one of the hinges was bad on one of the doors. 

I helped him lift these onto the "helper", because it was awkward, doors flying open, but he would have managed. For the bottom cabinets, he had to fill the gap, where the counter top was higher than the cabinets were tall. But with his machete, he planed (plained) this board to fit, but a tile did pop off while he was trying to get a snug fit. We poked around and found a piece of tile, he measured what it was to be and went somewhere to have it cut, wow! Brought back a bit of dry cement, and fixed it, perfecto!

It was almost 5 when he left, but everything looked good. We were hungry, since we'd skipped lunch, we tried Hotel San Jacinto, but they appeared closed so we opted for Thamara's for dinner, which was very nice and $12. We had been invited for dessert at our neighbors, we had fresh banana cream pie and coffee, it was glorious! We sat and visited a bit, then home for some tv. So, I didn't get a chance to clean and fill the cabinets til this morning. But here is the finished product.

Not sure if they will get painted, I'm not really keen on doing it myself...but maybe when Dave hires the painters for the house and fence, they'll do it then. But, it's nice, already hit my head on an open upper door, had to laugh. It's the little things, every little bit helps make it a home.

Tomorrow we go to Manta with Ken and Lyndell, they have dogs to be groomed, and thus 3 or so hours to kill, so they invited us along. I'd like to check out the nursery under the bridge, I found a couple weeks back, want to get some houseplants to homey up the place. Well, that's about it for today, stay tuned, the adventure continues!


  1. I have been following your blog for a while. With all the ups and downs and events slowing you down. Its great to see a couple who just goes for it and seeks an adventure! From someone who has visited Ecuador and has family over there its nice to get a different perspective. FC

  2. Thanks for following FC, glad you're enjoying our marital adventure as well as our Ecuadorean one. We very early in our marriage had a house fire, and we realized if we could stay strong thru that, we could tackle anything. Life is an adventure, do it with someone you love...