Tuesday, February 25, 2014


I've found that blogs offer so much information, I recently found one about international eating establishments here in Greensboro. Not only does this blog post food reviews, but pictures, and since we eat with our eyes first, this is a plus. Mike and I decided to be brave, and try one yesterday after my sundress shopping, and we were blown away! From the outside, it looks like a Latino market (which it is) but adjoining the market is "Mr. Taco". From the Ecuador blogs, I've learned that the dining experience "down south" is quite different than here in the states, more often than not, you place your order and then get little attention, unless you ask. As long as you know that, you won't feel neglected, we are so used to servers fawning over us, and if they don't we chalk it up to poor service...another thing I've learned from the Ecuador blogs is "almuerzo"
 lunch special, and right away the waitress yesterday tells us of the special, she warns it's slightly spicy, but we take one anyway. I also ordered a sandwich which the Greensboro Eats blog recommended. I asked for water, and she asked if I wanted orange? She saw my confusion and left for a minute, came back with the spicy sauce to try (on chips) and two small cups of orange water. The sauce turned out not too spicy, and the orange water was glorious! Think very weak Tang, they make it fresh, with oranges, water and a little agave sweetener, it was very refreshing. Lunch was amazing, fresh, filling and completely satisfying ! The special was green enchiladas with side of rice, it came with four! My torta was pork loin and all the fixings, lettuce, tomato, avocado, queso fresco and jalapeƱos on the side. We shared it all, and when a bite of green enchilada was too spicy, we chased it with a bite of cool sandwich...yum The orange water even acted as dessert, being just enough to satisfy the after meal sweet tooth. Total meal $12, now in Ecuador, I've read the lunch specials are usually $2.50 so we could be looking at lunch for $5, sounds good to me! So as we wait, we continue to be adventurous, and consider our lunch out to be preparation. We are practicing (our Spanish, and patience) and preparing to be amazed!

The other thing we've done in preparation is secure a rental house, we have it for June and July and it's located in Crucita. 4 minute walk to beach/ tourist area and close (30minutes) to major cities. It's getting real, and real exciting! Waiting and preparing! 

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