Friday, February 7, 2014

So many choices

Since I last posted, we haved changed our minds about where to start. First, thanks mom, I misread that Cuenca was 2500 ft above sea level, it's 2500 meters... Which makes it 8000 ft above sea level, not horribly high altitude, but there could be health issues. (Mike has had asthma in the past, and it may be difficult to adapt) And while reading blogs of people who settled on the coast, we realized that we would really like to be near the ocean, so we are looking at rentals anywhere from Salinas up to Crucita. Bigger beach cities will have better internet connections, and more people who speak English, but the accommodations are smaller and more expensive. We found a furnished house in Crucita with lots of outdoor space, 4minute walk to ocean including utilities $645, while the places available in Salinas are mostly condos for $800+ ( not including utilities) and the only outdoor space would be a balcony, not great for the pups. These condos also rent by the week ($150-200) so maybe we will use them as vacation places, and rent them short term to check out the bigger beach scene. Inland are the bigger cities and buses or private drivers will take you from the coast inland to do shopping or govt buildings for cheap. Buses are $1 per hour ( and remember the whole country is the size of Colorado) and private drivers are making a great wage if they get $10 for The DAY. What an adventure! Stay tuned, who knows what we'll learn next! Till then, adios!

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