Wednesday, February 12, 2014

So much snow!

Our little part of the world is being bombarded with snow, mostly they don't know how to handle it, so it's a big mess! I sat this morning reading the Ecuador blogs I'm following and waited for the "big storm" to start, Weatherbug said the snow would hit at 3 pm, but by 3 pm there was plenty already on the ground. It snowed fast and furious for a good 5 hrs, and only has slowed down after dark. Will be exciting to see how much more is out there in the morning, needless to say we are staying close to home, no driving for us tomorrow. Will play in our last snow in the states...that'll be fun, but I'm ready for warmer climate!

Looks like we got about 6 inches yesterday, was not snowing this morning, but now (noon) it is slushy snowing Great! Again, glad we have no place we have to go today. Hot tub could not keep up last night, but is 97 and rising, so I'm sure we will be in it before too long. Life can be good here in North Carolina, but will be better soon in Ecuador! Until later, adios!

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